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Discover the best BMX Tricks for beginners
Have you ever heard the acronym BMX? These correspond to a sport practiced by many people and therefore, in today’s post, we want to comment on this extreme sport. If you already know what BMX is but you still don’t know how to start practicing it, without a doubt, you have to keep on reading to discover the way to start and above all, to find out the best BMX tricks for beginners.

What is BMX?

BMX is also known as bicycle motocross and is considered to be one of the most extreme disciplines in cycling. Basically, this sport consists of riding bicycles on dirt tracks or on tracks with obstacles and ramps.

What differentiates this sport from others is that it uses a different type of bicycle. BMX bikes are characterized by having a very low saddle, high handlebars, and not having gear changes. Through these characteristics, what is intended is to do stunts and jumps on the bicycles themselves.

What types of BMX exist?

The origin of this sport dates back to the 1970s, in California when young people wanted to imitate motocross champions through their bikes. Later, in the 80s, this sport began to spread throughout the world and began to be recognized as a variant. As a consequence of this, different modalities of BMX began to be developed.

Although there is a modality known as race, in which races are practiced on the dirt track, the best-known modalities are those that belong to the freestyle category. Within this, we find the following disciplines.

BMX Street

The first one that we can find is known as Street. This is characterized by overcoming obstacles in the street and ride a BMX in urban terrain. It is important to mention that for this particular modality it will be necessary to buy a more resistant bike in order to overcome all obstacles.

Dirt Jump

Another discipline that you can start practicing is known as Dirt Jump. This is considered to come directly from the BMX race and although they are not races, it consists of performing acrobatic jumps through the dirt ramps. Practicing this modality you will be able to perform numerous different stunts since the ramps usually have different characteristics and heights.

BMX Park

The following discipline is possibly one of the best known. It is very likely that walking through your city you may have seen a skatepark, in which many people practice BMX, among other sports. This modality consists of performing stunts using the set of concrete or wood ramps and obstacles found in the park.


The last discipline we want to mention is what is known as Flatland BMX, this is one of the least practiced disciplines but also one of the most spectacular as riders perform balance tricks on their bikes. To be able to do these stunts, it is necessary that the bikes have specific characteristics that allow you to move and place your feet anywhere on the bike.

BMX tricks for beginners

If you want to start practicing BMX you can start doing these cool BMX tricks for beginners. If you have already read our previous article about the best skateboarding tricks for beginners, surely some of the names that we will discuss below will sound familiar to you.


The first one we want to comment on is the Ollie, this trick, as in skateboarding, is the basic jump of BMX. This trick basically consists of making the wheels of the bike come off the ground to be suspended in the air.

180 Ollie

As a basic BMX jump, the Ollie has different variations among which the 180 Ollie stands out. This trick basically consists of doing the traditional ollie, although this time, you will have to turn your body to the side so that the bike rotates 180 degrees.

We wanted to include this trick because, although it is one of the basic ones, it is a trick that really needs a lot of practice and perseverance so it is perfect to start practicing this sport.


The last trick we want to discuss is the manual. This is the one in which the bike moves forward without pedaling. That is, only the rear wheel is used to achieve movement.

This trick is also perfect for getting started in this sport since you will need high coordination and master the brake to perfection.

Tips for practicing BMX

To end this article we want to comment on some of the best tips you need to know in order to start practicing this sport.

Equip yourself properly  

The first and one of the most important pieces of advice is that to practice BMX you need specific and essential equipment to practice it safely. In addition to a suitable bicycle for the type of discipline you want to practice, you will need different protection elements such as a helmet, knee pads, and gloves.

Practice daily 

Like any sport, BMX requires practice and training. It is advisable to start practicing small acrobatics of lower jumps to gradually increase the height from which the acrobatics are performed. In addition, through this constant practice, you will gain more confidence and begin to perform the movements with greater control.


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