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Famous street artists

Famous street artists. Street artist painting.

Today, even if we do not perceive it as such, we are constantly surrounded by art. While we walk through the streets of our city we can find numerous works of street art. An art that has been growing more and more until becoming a worldwide phenomenon. An art, that has grown in number of artists, in complexity and in execution. An art, which has managed to reach exhibitions and museums where before, that was unthinkable.

Street Art is the term used to describe urban art which encompasses any artistic expression performed on the street. It emerged in the 1960s in New York as a response to the oppressive situation experienced by many collectives.

Next, we want to show you the best street artists of the world and the different styles that exist within this so wide art. Are you ready to discover the best street art?

Most famous street artists in the world

1.Bansky is the quintessential street artist. Famous all over the world under an anonymous identity that although many have wanted to discover, no name has yet been confirmed. His street art is characterized by social criticism through implicit messages about society, its behavior and even political issues through intelligent humor, sarcasm and great images with a powerful message. His works are distributed in London and several cities around the world, he uses a style based on the combination of graffiti with stencil and his particular technique.

2. C215 is a French street artist who has been showing his art around the world for almost twenty years. He is often compared to Banksy because he also reflects through his work social issues, specifically, portraying people who are homeless or forgotten by society. In this way, his work is characterized by making portraits of homeless people, refugees, children and the elderly in the street…

3. Finally, we would like to comment on the street artist Vhils. This is a Portuguese artist who creates his works with materials he finds in the street at the time he is going to create the portraits. His goal is to use the urban environment to involve more people and make a real intervention. He literally scratches the walls of the buildings to create his street art works.1.

Most famous 3D street artists

A style of street art that is growing is 3D art. As the popularity of this type of art increased, so did the ambitions of artists creating great creative and spectacular pieces. This is why we also want to tell you about the most famous 3D street artists.

1.Edgar Müller is the first street artist to make 3D works that we want to comment on. Since he was a child he was very passionate about painting, although it was not until he was 25 years old that he started to dedicate himself to street painting. From that moment on he traveled all over Europe creating great works of illusionist 3D effects.

2.Eduardo Rolero is an Argentine street artist who travels around the world creating surreal 3D images. Through his 3D and distorted works he reflects a social criticism through satire with very detailed images.

3.Finally, we would like to comment on the German street artist Manfred Stader. He creates funny and amusing works through perspective and optical illusion. He likes to interact and include people in his works.

NYC street artists

New York City is a great place to discover new artists and street art. Walking down any of its streets you will find great visual works, from graffiti to posters and even sculptures or murals.

You can find very diverse works such as the piece of “Hammer Boy” by Bansky, the famous Bowery Mural made by artist Keith Haring or even the Big Pun Memorial, a landmark mural located in the Bronx as a tribute to the hip hop artist.

Famous street artists

Most famous black street artists

We also want to comment on different black artists who have challenged the conventional and established it by breaking cultural and professional stereotypes:

1- The first artist we want to comment on is Basquiat, he was a neo-expressionist painter from the 80’s known for his collaboration with Andy Warhol. Before becoming a painter, he was a well-known New York street artist known as Samo.

2- We also want to talk about Alexandre Keto, a street artist who stands out as a visual artist who creates murals in an activist way. His works can be seen mostly on the streets of New York and Baltimore.

Most famous south african street artists

South Africa is a country full of color and diversity and this is also reflected in its art and especially, in the street art that can be found on the streets. It is for this reason that we would like to comment on two of the most famous South African street artist:

1- We have selected Faith 47 as the first artist because she is one of the pioneers of graffiti in South Africa and also the first woman to create this type of art. Through her work, she reflects her own personal quest, her research on nature and feminism and also reflects social problems and universal politics.

2- The next South African artist we want to introduce to you is Falko, who is well known for his famous works where color is very important and he creates abstract elephants. His works stand out for reflecting typical characters and animals in South Africa.

Famous chilean street artists

Chile not only stands out for its great landscapes but also, for backpackers and artists there is the most urban part of Chile where street art predominates since, specifically graffiti has been used as a way to express freedom for all Chileans.

As a result of this, we would like to comment on some of the most famous street art locations in Chile:

  • Santiago, the capital of Chile is the perfect place to start finding street art. Specifically, you can enjoy this art in the Open Sky museum in the San Miguel neighborhood where you will find 4,000 meters of painted murals.


  • If you want to discover street art you can’t miss a walk around Valparaiso. It is one of the most attractive cities because its streets have become great museums through all the murals that you can find in them.


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