Celebrate Gen Z’s creativity with Smoking Creators

Let's celebrate Gen Z's creativity with Smoking Creators
As we mentioned in our previous article about Generation Z, this is considered to be the generation of change, the most committed to the environment and social causes. And recently, it is said that Gen Z’s creativity is among the highest of all time.

From Smoking, we want to promote and accompany the most creative people and develop their art and for this reason, we created Smoking Creators, an initiative with which we want to celebrate the most emerging and alternative art.

Gen Z is the most creative generation!

Creativity is present in numerous actions and tasks that we all develop in our day-to-day, and this is very much in mind by the young people who belong to Generation Z. A recent survey conducted by Harris Poll revealed that Gen Z is more creative than previous generations.

The future is creative and they know it. Despite being digitally native, they consider creativity to be on and off the Internet, and therefore, although there are numerous technological applications that encourage their creativity, they also enjoy all activities that do not involve technology such as drawing, illustrating, or writing a journal.

People who belong to Generation Z are curious, have a great capacity for adaptation, and are constantly evolving and developing. All these characteristics are further enhanced by two of the most important and identifying qualities, such as empathy and creativity.

The new methodologies and technological tools currently available make this generation the generation of the visual and art. In addition, it is important to mention that this creativity is not only created and developed in private environments or for solely artistic purposes but Gen Z is committed to its creativity also in work environments.

This creativity focused on the work environment allows them to find a job that really matches their personality and that allows them to let all their creativity flow.

What influences Gen Z’s creativity?

As we have mentioned, technology is part of the essence and identity of the people who are part of Generation Z and it is these same tools that allow and directly influence the creativity of young people.

Instagram accounts, social networks such as Tumblr, Pinterest, and TikTok are part of the creative influence of many people and it is that the creative process of many of the young people who are part of Gen Z begin on these platforms. Looks, photography, designs, music… Everything is on the Internet, to learn about different creative tools and get inspiration.

What are Smoking Creators?

Social networks unite people, unite artists and ideas, and for this reason, Smoking Creators arise. An initiative that invites everyone to celebrate the most emerging and alternative art that can be found on Instagram feeds.

Illustration, music, meme art, 3D, graffiti, tattoo, digital art… The technique does not matter, neither do your K’s of followers, what we are looking for is people like you, people with talent, personality, good vibes, authentic, full of energy who convey creative freshness.

What we want through Smoking Creators is to bring any type of art to everyone thanks to our profile on Instagram @smokingpaper. In this way, every week we will be selecting and sharing your projects and creative processes through our profiles. </p<

Wanna sign up? Contact us through this email creators@smokingpaper.com and we will tell you more details.

What are you waiting for? Let your creativity roll with it!


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