Mass Effect Legendary Edition: a review of its new edition!

In the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you will find amazing visuals and galaxies, with a great resolution.

BioWare, one of the best-known companies dedicated to the development of video games, decided to recover one of the best trilogies in the history of all video games. And with that, it featured the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, remastered and optimized for 4K Ultra HD.

If Shepard, Garrus, Normandy, and the Reapers are familiar to you, we recommend that you continue reading this post as we will review one of the best action role-playing games in history.

What is Mass Effect?

In November 2007, BioWare was released exclusively for the Xbox 360 what later became known as one of the best video games in history. And yes, we are talking about Mass Effect. The company was once again offering a show through a role-playing game, action, with a lot of emotion and a science fiction universe.

Only 5 years later, the Mass Effect trilogy had come to an end, getting numerous fans in love with its stories, the characters, and the settings in which the video game took place.

Mass Effect, a trilogy that has made history

If you have never played the saga you should know that now, thanks to the remastering that has been made of the 3 video games that are part of Mass Effect, you will be able to enjoy the video game thanks to all the cohesion that it has made the entire trilogy through its main menu.

As we said, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a saga that consists of 3 titles: Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3. All three games are science fiction and combine role-playing and third-person action. This makes the players become the protagonists of the stories themselves, learn new skills, make decisions, and chat with many characters.

Commander Shepard as the main character

Through Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the remastered which modernizes the experience of this game, we will put ourselves in the shoes of Commander Shepard. Another of the changes introduced in this new edition is the possibility of choosing the characters’ gender.

As a member of the human military force, Shepard is faced with a difficult task: to prove to the Citadel Council that he can join the Wraith. It is a difficult task because the mission will get complicated due to unexpected problems.

Thanks to Shepard’s mission, you will be able to meet allies of all alien races, visit incredible planets and universes, and follow in the footsteps of all enemies.

Better visuals, better galaxies

Although the contents and bases of each of the games have remained practically intact, BioWare has introduced small and subtle improvements that make the players’ experiences even better and above all, more acting and consistent nowadays. 

Thanks to all the improvements and visual enhancements made, the resolution of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is perfect. BioWare has decided to prioritize the quality of the images and the world’s recreations.

All this makes players find that the camera works better, the interface has a better design and both the system and the controls have been redesigned so that everything has a better coherence. 

The three games in the trilogy have been greatly benefited by all the best that we have discussed before, and this makes them look even better. As expected, the title that has changed the most has been the first Mass Effect game since it was the oldest, the original game. 

Textures, lighting, and modeling, all this has been improved in all the available games although surely, you will notice more changes compared to the first.

Infinity of universes

If before we talked about the best visuals, we cannot stop commenting on the infinity of universes that you can find in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. And although the games of this video game are long, in this new edition all the DLCs and additional contents that were launched at the time with each of the sagas have been included.

Therefore, thanks to all the elements that BioWare has introduced in this new compilation, you will be able to enjoy the game for more than 200 hours to finish all the worlds and missions.

What devices is Mass Effect: Legendary Edition compatible with?

Of course, all the games included in the new Mass Effect: Legendary Edition are available for the next generation consoles, so the experience is expected to be even greater thanks to the fluidity and quality of the images. In this way, it is available for Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and PlayStation 5.


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