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Street art sculptures

street art sculptures

As we mentioned a few days ago, street art is more present than we think in our day to day. It is for this reason that today we want to comment on a new street art that is becoming increasingly important in urban areas. We are talking, indeed, of the sculptures or art installations that we can find walking through our big cities. 

Next, we want to show you all the art that surrounds us and specifically, the artistic street sculptures. We will go through the streets of London, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam and New Orleans to show you that art is very present even if we are not aware of it.

Girl sculpture on wall street

The first sculpture we want to comment on is located in New York, specifically in Lower Manhattan, and it appeared on the eve of International Women’s Day in March 2017. The sculpture is known as Fearless Girl and surprised both New Yorkers and tourists visiting the big city at that time. 

This sculpture was in front of the New York Stock Exchange where the famous Charging Bull sculpture is located. Due to the large influx of people who visited both sculptures, for safety reasons it was decided to move the Fearless Girl sculpture to another location, although at the end of 2018 it returned to its place of origin. 

The statue was made by Kristen Visbal commissioned by the financial firm State Street Global as part of an initiative to vindicate the role of women on the board of directors of their large companies. It is for this reason that it was placed in front of the Charging Bull sculpture on Wall Street, to represent female empowerment. 

Do you want to discover the alternative side of big cities? Keep reading this article because we want to show you the best cities where you can enjoy good street art. Next, we will provide you with information about the best neighborhoods in the city of London, Barcelona, Amsterdam and New Orleans so that you can get to know their best street art. 

Fearless Girl sculpture at Wall Street, New York, street art sculptures

Fearless Girl, at Wall Street, New York. it appeared on the eve of International Women’s Day in March 2017.

Street art tour on London​

London is becoming one of the main cities in Europe where you can find more art in its streets. The East End of the city has become a great place for many artists due to the large number of museums and street art that you can find walking around and thus discover London that does not appear in the tourist guides.

Do you want to know the most alternative part of London? For this, you cannot miss the Shoreditch neighborhood passing through Brick Lane, Fashion or Bateman’s Row. Specifically in Shoreditch you can find a vibrant, colorful culture where street art permeates all the streets, cafes and shops.

Street art Barcelona tour​

Over the years, Barcelona has become a huge gallery of urban art, thus creating a city different from the one normally known. Barcelona is also an industrial and alternative city thanks to its large walls, walls full of graffiti and other elements of urban art.

If you are passionate about street art and discovering Barcelona in a different way, do not hesitate to visit the Raval, Gothic or Poblenou neighborhoods, one of the neighborhoods where you can find the greatest urban art in Barcelona.

Amsterdam street art tour​

Amsterdam is one of the cities with more history about street art. Since 1970 it has become one of the European cities with the largest number of street artists who create on the very walls of the city spectacular works of provocative art or with a great social impact.

Discovering the street art of Amsterdam through a tour you will find numerous works of art and graffiti in which different subcultures of the city coexist. The street art of Amsterdam goes beyond the artistic works that you can find on the street, but you can also discover large independent art galleries, fashion or music stores…

New Orleans street art tour​

We don’t want to finish this post without commenting on a city outside Europe, specifically, we want to talk about New Orleans, a great city in the state of Louisiana considered one of the most fascinating cities in the United States in terms of street art.

To know the street art that hides the city of New Orleans you should forget about the most known and frequented neighborhoods by tourists and go to Bywater, Marigny, and St. Roch historical districts to discover works of great artists like Bansky and his work Rain Girl or meet and discover other international artists who stand out for their graffiti and street art. 

In this article we wanted to collect the cities that we believe have great street art but remember, that art is everywhere and walking around anywhere you can find great works of art.


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