The best cities for biking in the world

The best cities for biking in the world. Man with a bike in the city

Moving around a city by bicycle has become a great trend and one of the first options for many people since they allow you to visit the city in a different way. On the bike, you can discover natural environments in a way much more direct, in addition to taking advantage of it to exercise the body and it is a means of transport that is respectful of the environment.

Next, we want you to discover the best cities for biking in the world!

Amsterdam: The most famous city in the world for biking

As many of you already know, Amsterdam has become one of the best places to go by bike, since approximately more than 50% of Amsterdam’s traffic is done by bicycle. It is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. Due to the great importance that bicycles have acquired, it is estimated that there are more than 18 million bicycles throughout the country of the Netherlands, where the population is approximately 17 million inhabitants. The Netherlands has definitively a bike culture.

And the fact is, the streets of Amsterdam are not only prepared so that you can ride a bike, but they have been designed to guarantee a good experience for residents and tourists who decide to explore the city by bicycle. For this, the bike lanes are wider, well-paved, and have their own signals and traffic lights. In addition, it is guaranteed that the cycling routes have enough space to circulate in parallel and to be able to pass safely.

The Top 10 best cities for biking in the entire world

Next, we want you to discover the best places in the world to go cycling.


Denmark and, specifically, Copenhagen have become one of the most famous cities to visit and explore by bike. In 2016, bikes already outnumbered cars, as a large part of the population used bicycles as their main means of transportation to go to school or work.


It is unthinkable to separate the Netherlands from bicycles, and for them, it is not only a means of transport but it has already become a way of life and, therefore, it has become one of the best means of transport to be able to move around Utrecht and any other city in this country.


Amsterdam has become the city for cycling par excellence and as we have already mentioned, there are literally more bicycles than there are residents, making this means of transport predominate over any other. It is a place with great bike safety, excellent to ride all day long.


The next city we want to highlight is Strasbourg, in France. This small French city is perfect to visit by bicycle, to discover and find the best places in an unprecedented and original way.


Malmö is the third-largest city in Sweden, even though it is unknown to many people. One of the best ways to discover the charm of this city on a bicycle is that from Denmark you can reach this city through the Oresund Bridge, an excellent bike route.


The next city we want to highlight is Bordeaux, also located in France. Visiting Bordeaux by bike not only allows you to see the city center but also to discover many of the landscapes that are located around the city. In this way, you can fall in love with places like Créon or La Suave until you reach the magnificent Abbey of la Sauve-Majeure.


Currently, there are numerous tours to discover the city of Antwerp by bike. Through these, you can ride around the greenest areas of the city as well as the art and architecture that surrounds this city. In Antwerp, cycling and architecture have become a perfect combination over the years.


Ljubljana is a city in Slovenia that we want to include in this top 10. Like Antwerp, in this city, there are also numerous tours with which you can go biking around the city and visit it in a very different way.


Being able to take a tour of Tokyo by bicycle is one of the most interesting options you can choose to go sightseeing in the capital of Japan. In this way, you will be able to tour the city in a faster way, as well as enjoy the spectacular scenery.


The last city we want to highlight is Berlin and that is that for Berliners, bicycles have become one of their preferred means of transport. Also, for tourists, it has become one of the best options to really get to know the city, since Berlin is practically adapted so that it can be traveled by bicycle without any problem. It could be said that this city has become one of the most “bike-friendly” since, in many of its streets, bikes predominate and have more preference than cars, with amazing bike infrastructure.

The best USA cities for biking

After commenting on the best cities in the world to enjoy a bicycle route, we would also like to remark on the best cities to travel by bicycle in the USA.


The first city in the United States that we want to highlight is Portland, in Oregon, and it is considered the bicycle capital of the United States since it has approximately 420 km -260.976 miles- of bike lanes. In this way, bike commuting has already become a lifestyle adopted by a large part of the population.


The next city we want to highlight is Minneapolis, located in Minnesota. Minneapolis has become the second city in the United States where the number of cyclists increases considerably over the years, after the city of Portland.


Another city that we want to highlight is Boulder, located in Colorado since you can go practically anywhere by bicycle. Currently, there are 600 kilometers -372.823 miles- of unofficial bicycle routes.


The last city that we want to highlight is Madison, from Wisconsin since it is working to give more space to bicycles throughout the city.

The most difficult cities for biking

Finally, to end this post, we want to point out the most difficult cities for biking.

Hong Kong

Due to the high temperatures and humidity of the city, Hong Kong has become one of the most challenging cities for cycling. In addition, it is essential to highlight the heavy traffic in the city, making cycling a great adventure.


Delhi, like Hong Kong, is one of the most difficult cities to go by bike due to the traffic conditions in this city. Huge large traffic jams are generated, public transport is not adequate, and also, the roads are designed so that only cars can circulate on them.


The last city we want to mention is Moscow and this is due to two factors: traffic congestion and low temperatures that occur in winter due to heavy snowfall.


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