Grammy Awards 2021: great winners and surprises

Grammy Awards 2021, discover the great winners of the night and the best performances.
On March 14, the 63rd edition of the Grammys was held, an event that was once again marked by the pandemic produced by Covid-19. Despite the difficulties that could happen, the gala of the Grammys Awards this year 2021 was full of anecdotes and great performances which we will reveal to you.

Grammy Awards 2021 winners

Women were undoubtedly the great stars of the 63rd edition of the 2021 Grammy Awards. In this way, Billie Eilish, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift among other great female artists became the great winners of this gala.

Specifically, Taylor Swift won her third Grammy for Album of the Year for the great work she did in Folklore. Thanks to this third award, it was confirmed that Taylor Swift continues to be one of the most influential artists in history since, as we have mentioned, it is the third time that she has triumphed in this category. Previously, she had won the award for Best Album of the Year in 2010 and 2016 for her works on Fearless and 1989.

The current Best Album of the Year, Folklore, was released by surprise by the artist as it was secretly composed and recorded during the quarantine that we have lived since 2020. Thanks to this time that we live in our homes, the singer was able to create an album of 16 songs that combines folk, indie-pop, and country.

Beyoncé, meanwhile, has become the woman who has managed to win the most Grammy awards in history since she has won 28 awards throughout her entire career. Specifically this year, the artist has won 4 awards in the categories of the Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance, Best R&B Performance, and Best Music Video.

Among the rest of the winners and awards of the Recording Academy, it is important to note that there were great surprises. Despite she swept the 2020 Grammy Awards, this year Billie Eilish only got the award for the Best Recording of the Year for her song Everything I Wanted which she herself stated that she did not expect it.

This year, Megan Thee Stallion won the award for Best New Artist, an award that Billie Eilish won last year. Against all odds, and one of the great surprises, was the Song of the Year award since it was for the song I Can’t Breathe, by HER This song was a surprise since it is a protest theme and inspired by the racial protests that happened in the United States during the summer of 2020.

As for Latin artists, it is necessary to highlight that Bad Bunny got his first Grammy this year, thanks to his great album YHLQMDLG which accompanied numerous people during the quarantine months. In this way, he won the award for Best Latin Pop Album.

Taylor Swift at the Grammy Gala 2021
Harry Styles at the Grammy Gala 2021

Grammy Awards 2021 shows

Held in the Los Angeles Convention Center, in a gala that lasted 4 hours, not only awards were given but also great artists performed their own shows. This year, there were great outstanding performances, it is for this reason that next, we will comment on which were the great shows of the 2021 Grammy Awards gala.

It is important to mention that due to the pandemic, some of the performances were held on the set, and others were recorded previously and especially for the gala.

Among all the performances, Taylor Swift stood out again as she performed three melted songs from her last two albums published in 2020, Folklore and Evermore. Specifically, she performed: Cardigan, August, and Willow. What was most surprising about her performance was the location since the singer appeared lying on the roof of a cabin in an environment surrounded by a lot of nature, simulating a magical forest.

Another of the great performances and one of the most talked-about was the one performed by Dua Lipa, who made a sensual and explosive performance of the songs Levitating and Don’t Start Now, in the company of rapper DaBab. It became one of the great performances as it completely transformed the stage creating a party stage. Although the interpretation of the song Dakiti by Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez was correct and timid, Bad Bunny stood out because the cameras recorded them dancing while enjoying the interpretation of Dua Lipa.

We couldn’t finish this article on the 2021 Grammys Awards without talking about Harry Styles. This one won the award for the Best Solo Pop Song for the hit song Watermelon Sugar and also stood out for the great interpretation he made of this same song. Without much set design, Styles once again proved that he is a great artist and that he is one of the great pop stars of the moment.

And we can not stop commenting on his clothing either as he surprised everyone again thanks to his feather boa and an open leather jacket.

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