Best places to learn Kayak for beginners

Best places to learn Kayak for beginners
Do you want to start kayaking but still don’t know where to start? In this article we return to talk about what can be an extreme sport and specifically, we want to talk about the best places around the world to learn kayaking for beginners. This cool plan will exceed all your expectations!

Do you want to discover them? Read on to find out where your next adventure will begin!

8 destinations to learn kayaking for beginners

Now that we know what this sport consists of, we will discuss 8 of the best kayaking destinations so that, if you have a beginner level, you can travel the world with your kayak.


The first place we want to mention in this article could not be other than the southern coast of Crete, in Greece. On this island you can start kayaking and rowing while enjoying the best crystal clear waters. Due to its crystal clear and calm waters, it is considered to be one of the most appropriate places to start practicing this sport.

In addition to the incredible waters, you can also enjoy a mountainous landscape, virgin pink sand beaches and spectacular caves that you can visit thanks to your kayak.

French Alps

The Alps are undoubtedly another of the best options if you want to go on a kayak adventure. We say that it is another of the best options since, regardless of your level, it is a perfect place to practice this sport.

If you decide to do this route, you can start in Ardèche and after passing this training, you can venture to other places in the French Alps or even, with more practice, go to the Austrian, Swiss and Italian Alps. Wherever you go, you will undoubtedly enjoy some impressive countries.

Kenai Fjords National Park

Believe it or not, kayaking in the Arctic is possible and during the summer you can enjoy a nautical route on the impressive coast of Kenai Fjords National Park.

In good weather, it is possible to enjoy the calm waters, navigate between the ice blocks and enjoy one of the most impressive landscapes in the world. Without any doubt, if you decide to carry out this experience, you will enjoy one of the most spectacular destinations and you will be able to be in direct contact with the wildest nature.

Fiji Islands

If instead of enjoying the icy waters of Alaska you prefer crystal clear waters and heat, the Fiji Islands are your best option. As in Greece, you can enjoy some of the most spectacular crystal clear waters in the world. In addition, apart from their blue color, they are characterized by being shallow and by hiding extensive coral gardens.

The Fiji Islands, its calm waters and the great tropical climate of this place, will make you enjoy one of the best experiences of your life.

New Zealand

If we talk about kayaking, adventure and living new experiences, New Zealand is the perfect place for you and it is one of the corners that offers more places to kayak regardless of your level.

Thanks to its great extension, you can enjoy many different landscapes. Specifically, on the North Island you can enjoy this sport in a totally wild landscape. The South Island, on the other hand, is totally different since you can find a mountainous landscape with a large number of valleys.

Hebridean Beach

If we talk about Scotland, great and spectacular landscapes come to mind, and this is what you will find if you decide to kayak in Hebridean Beach. Although it is a colder place than some of the other destinations that we have mentioned in this article, the impressive views that Hebridean Beach offers are totally worth it.

This place is located in one of the most remote areas in the United Kingdom, specifically, it is located off the northeast coast of Scotland and offers some of the greenest nature, with deep and blue waters that you can see anywhere else.

Halong Bay

Another place that we want to recommend in this article is Halong Bay located in Vietnam. Again, you can once again enjoy the spectacular scenery while paddling and kayaking. And it is that in Halong Bay you can find in addition to crystal clear waters, spectacular caves, hidden lagoons and you can even find small hidden fishing villages.


The last site we want to recommend in this article is Slovenia. If you want to enjoy another of the best places to practice kayaking, the Soc river in Slovenia is another option that you cannot miss.

Its crystal clear waters surrounded by forest and mountains make this landscape so spectacular. In addition, if you decide to do this route, you can choose the section that best suits your level since there are different sections taking into account the difficulty for each level.

Are you ready to kayak at the most beautiful places around the world?


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