What does 420 mean? And 420 Friendly?

What does 420 mean? A code for pot smokers.
Surely, and even if you are not familiar with marijuana or cannabis, you must have heard about the terms 4/20, 4:20, or simply 420. And these simple numbers have become a very important code for all those people who use marijuana.

Over the years, the 420 concept has grown in importance to become a philosophy or a lifestyle. It is for this reason that in today’s article we want to comment on what does 420 mean and other related terms such as 420 friendly.

What does code 420 mean?

Over the years, the 420 code has acquired different meanings and at the moment, none stands out from the others since there are numerous stories and rumors about the origin of this term.

Before commenting on the different meanings, it is important to note that 420 is the number that is currently used to refer to marijuana for many years and this code began to be a secret number that little by little spread throughout all the pot smokers.

Currently, 420 can be associated with the time marijuana is consumed or the official marijuana day since it is April 20th. In the United States, the months are placed before the days, so it would be written April 20 or 4/20, making it coincide perfectly with the number associated with cannabis.

Origin of the 420 code

As we have mentioned, there are many rumors and legends that refer to the origins of the 420 code, even so, it is believed that the term originated in Marin, California.

Specifically, it was created in 1971 at the San Rafael high school where five high school students called the “Waldos” found out that there was an abandoned cannabis plantation on the outskirts. With this information, they decided to go to the plantation every day and for extracurricular activities, they decided to meet every day at 4:20 pm to go and look for the plants.

As a result, the number 420 became a kind of metaphor for the group of friends of San Rafael California and because of this, they began to use the term 420 whenever they got together to consume marijuana.

The term began to spread quickly as a code for smoking pot and reached the well-known band The Grateful Dead. They also adopted the term and were transferring it on their tours of the United States during the 70s and 80s.

Little by little, it became a term used by many people and even the editors of The High Times as a result of everything. The national reach began to organize 420 events and to use the concept in many of their publications. Thanks to this, it ended up becoming an international phenomenon.

What does 420 mean? And 420 friendly? The history of the weed smoking code.

And, what does 420 friendly mean?

As a result of the 420 concept, other terms have been developed that have also become very important among the younger population. Among all the new concepts, the one known as 420 friendly stands out.

420 friendly refers to all those people who smoke weed or are open to trying it. In this way, it also includes and refers to all those people who do not smoke marijuana but agree with all those who do and enjoy it.

It is important to note that with the rise of applications for dating and meeting people, it has become common for many people to indicate in their descriptions that they are 420 friendly to notify other people about their opinion on this issue.

Although it may seem strange, many people choose to point it out since smoking marijuana is still illegal in many places in the United States and around the world today. Also, not everyone likes to use marijuana as not all people enjoy the feeling of being high and therefore choose not to smoke.

Other concepts and terms

Even though the most important and well-known concept is 420, it is important to mention that there are other codes related to marijuana. Specifically, we are talking about the 710 code, and it is that many people consider that this is the new 420.

710 refers to the word “oil” inverted and adapted. Through this word, it refers to cannabis oil extracts. Like 420, a day of celebration is also associated with this term. Specifically, it is celebrated on July 10, although it is less celebrated than April 20.


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