What is Cliff Diving? Training, heights, and world records

What is Cliff Diving? Heights and records. Picture composition to show a woman doing cliff diving.
In other articles, we have talked about numerous extreme sports and in today’s post, we want to comment on another one that is surely unknown to many of you. So if you are a person who likes extreme sports, keep reading because in this article we will find out what Cliff Diving is and how to practice it.

Cliff Diving: training and rules

Cliff Diving is a sport that consists of jumping into the water of a pool, lake, river, or even the sea, from a platform. Over the years, this sport has become an increasingly popular practice and different cliff-diving competitions, such as the Red Bull cliff diving world series,Ā  have even been held, during the year.

It is important to note that every sport requires training and a series of guidelines are also necessary to be able to practice Cliff Diving correctly. Among these practices, it stands out above all to check the depth of the water and for this, it will be necessary to previously investigate the place from which you are going to jump.

In relation to this, it is recommended to start by making small jumps in order to better inspect the jump area and above all, to know that we have enough space and time to be able to perform all possible movements before you hit the water.

Cliff Diving's heights and world records

The highest jump recorded so far is the one that took place on August 4 in 2015. It was made by the cliff diver Laso Schaller when he jumped in the Cascata del Salto in Maggia, Switzerland. This waterfall has a height of 58.8 meters which is equivalent to a 17-story building, thus surpassing the famous Tower of Pisa.

Thanks to this jump, Schaller managed to break two records, the one for the highest dive from a springboard, and at the same time, he set the record for the highest jump from the cliff. With months of preparation and research, Laso Schaller was able to surpass by 5 meters the previous record, which was achieved by Olivier Favre in Villers-le-Lac, France, in 1987.

If you want to discover more about Laso Schaller’s adventures, feel free to visit his Instagram account where he shares all his jumps: @laso_schaller.

Cliff Diving vs cliff jumping: differences and similarities

Due to the evolution of this sport in recent years, it can be confused with other similar practices such as Cliff Jumping, and it is for this reason that next, we will comment on what these two sports consist of. Cliff Jumping consists of jumping from a cliff, this can be done as an adventure sport, as an acrobatic sport, and for a few years as a sport practiced in world championships.

Why is Cliff Diving considered an extreme sport?

Currently, and due to all the risks that Cliff Diving entails, it is possible to consider it an extreme sport. That is because to practice it, it is not only necessary to have some great athletic abilities but also, you have to have a lot of confidence and bravery.

The people who practice this sport are true professionals who are not only capable of performing great jumps from great heights but also while jumping, they perform numerous acrobatics, which makes this sport even more extreme.


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