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Which are the best Mortal Kombat Fatalities?


Mortal Kombat has been triumphing since its inception in 1992. During all these years it has stood out for its great graphics and also for the violence of its games exemplified through the fatalities of Mortal Kombat. These are melee combats turning into bloody battles set with a dark atmosphere making them also stand out for the creativity and originality behind each of the movements. 

Next, we will show you which are the best Mortal Kombat Fatalities. It is important to note that this game is available in X Box and PlayStation so the movements will be different in each of them, even so, we will comment on how to recreate the best Kombat 11 fatalities in this fighting game.

How to do the best Mortal Kombat fatalities?

  1. Kano is one of the most classic fatalities movements in all of Mortal Kombat and consists of slowly pulling the heart out of the opponent’s chest while his body falls to the ground. It is usually a very effective movement since it is simple and effective.
  2. Sub-Zero-Spin Rip is one of the most iconic and original fatality in the game. Surely, if it has never done it, it will exceed all your expectations since it serves to behead your enemy. To do this, you must go  back, forward, back and finally, rear fist.
  3. Scorpion is a very mythical fatality where Scorpion removes his mask to reveal his skull. After revealing it, breathe out a fire breath to transform the opponent into a skeleton and bring them to their knees. To do so and to hear the classic phrase “Toasty!” You must back, down, down, front fist.
  4. This movement is very characteristic because it makes the character turn into Liu Kang, a dragon that what he will do is eat the rival by the waist before being able to return to his normal human character. If you want to do this movement you will only have to do back, down, back, forward and back fist.
  5. Kung Lao is also one of the most popular moves in this video game. To recreate this movement, you simply have to go down, forward, backward, down and finally, back fist which is with the X and for PS4, down, forward, backward, down and finally, back fist which is with the square. 

List of the fatalities you cannot fail

Next, we want to show you more fatalities that you can easily do and therefore cannot fail.

  1. The Reptile appeared in Mortal Kombat 2 and has become the favorite of many thanks to its movement since, several meters from the opponent, the character sticks his tongue out as if he were a reptile. In this case, what it does is stick to the tongue so that it can be pulled out in a single movement. 
  2. Shang Tsung has become what is possibly one of the most absurd fatalities as the character enters the opponent’s body until it reaches his ear. Once there, he makes it vibrate to destroy the opponent’s body.
  3. The fatality called Sonya or the kiss of death is one of the best moves since it confuses the opponent. It is known as the kiss of death since with a simple kiss, the rival begins to vomit until he falls to the ground. At the moment when he cannot get up, Sonya jumps on the body, stepping on his head until he destroys it.
  4. For each of the commented fatalities, you will be able to include variations of movement according to what you want to achieve. From the next movement called Johnny Cage we highlight the area of Mr. Cage, that is, when the character is close and for that, you must do forward, backward, down, down, back leg.

Best Mortal Kombat characters and their fatalities

After commenting on the best movements, we also want to show you the best Mortal Kombat characters:

  1. The first one we want to comment on is Baraka, this is the leader of the Tarkans and is one of the champions of the Outer Realm. He faces any rival using his two blades that protrude from his arms.
  2. Raiden is a mortal who resides in the Kingdom of Earth and is characterized by being a character that thanks to the electric screws can move very fast, teleport and summon lightning rods.
  3. Noob Siabot is better known as Bi Han and was killed by Scorpion, in one of the movements that we have discussed previously. His shadow powers have become one of the best visual elements in the entire game, making him one of the most chosen characters by Mortal Kombat 11 players.
  4. Shang Tsung is one of the most feared but also hated characters. Over the years he has become a sorcerer, a Chinese, a martial arts master, and a soul manipulator. All this has made it have a very important role in all the games of the saga. He is a character that is loved by many but also forgotten by many others. It is loved because it offers a lot of versatility since it offers to be able to imitate the opponent.

The best girl characters in Mortal Kombat

  1. Kitana is the princess of more than 10,000 years old and despite her age, her appearance is that of a young woman with a strong physique. He is a couple of Liu Kang, the character that we have discussed previously who becomes a dragon and together, they have become one of the leaders of the territory.

  2. Sindel is another of the female characters that we want to comment on in Mortal Kombat. It is characterized above all by its screams, which scare more than one player but that is its power since it is the cause of the biggest massacres in the game. He is a character that is also liked a lot among players since he meets all the aggressiveness that the game offers. 

  3. Jade is another female character who stands out for being a great professional in martial arts and knows how to use a large number of soul weapons in order to fulfill the role of protector. Over the years, she has become a character with more personality and that is why more and more people select her. 

  4. Millena is a female character similar to Kitana, it is said that she is a clone of Kitana although she feels a hatred towards it. It is characterized by being a ninja war that makes great use of its acrobatic skills and its agility during combat. He uses his own technique and for this he attacks his rival from above and works to scratch and eat his face.


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