Why should you try skydiving once in your life?

Reasons to try Skydiving at least once in your life.

How does it feel to do a parachute jump for the first time? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, this post is for you.

The sensation experienced when you go Skydiving, also known as parachuting, is not comparable to any other. The experience is different for each person who practices this extreme sport.

What does it feel like to parachute?

If you have never practiced this sport, you should know that skydiving is like flying. It is a mixture of possibly contradictory sensations since the vast majority of people who have jumped at some time say that they suffer from nerves and a huge desire to reach and jump.

Once you have been able to control the nerves that will take over you when you get on the plane, you will only have to enjoy the white of the landscape, the clouds, and the immensity of the entire sky. Don’t worry, feeling nervous is one of the most normal reactions to a parachute jump. In fact, we could say that not experiencing them would be strange.

Between 9000 and 1300 feet will come the moment of truth. At this moment it will be time to jump, and it will possibly be the moment when you will feel the greatest nerve sensation. It is totally normal, and as we said before, surely you will live a mixture of contradictory feelings between fear, nerves, and emotion.

Things you should know before skydiving

In our previous article, in which we talked about the reasons for skydiving in Colorado, we already discussed some of the most important tips that you should take into account to make your first jump at a skydiving center.

Even so, as we said, parachute jumping is an experience that will mark your life forever, and therefore, there is a series of information that is necessary to know before jumping into the void.

It is not a difficult sport

The first thing you should know is that it is not a difficult sport. It does not require a great prior physical preparation, and you should also know that when you jump for the first time, you will probably do it with an instructor. This jump is called tandem skydiving, where an experienced skydiver will be tied to you at all times so that safety and tranquility will be guaranteed.

45 minutes of experience

Another thing you should know before making your parachute jump is that the experience will last approximately a total of 45 minutes. Also, the plane may take longer to climb and climb than the jump itself. Specifically, it is estimated that the jump of the free fall lasts between 35 or 40 seconds, reaching a speed of 155 miles per hour.

Enjoy and jump

As we have said throughout the article, in the end, parachute jumping will become one of the best experiences that you can have throughout your life, so the last thing we highly recommend is that you enjoy and always jump when you are really sure to do so.

Best Skydiving Sites

In addition to Colorado, there are other great places around the world to go skydiving and make your experience even greater. Next, we will discuss 4 of the best places to practice skydiving.


We want to mention Dubai as this has become one of the most famous places to practice skydiving thanks to the well-known artificial island called Palm Jumeirah. Seen from the sky, they look like two huge palm trees, and therefore, it has become one of the best views you can see from the sky.

Denarau Island

Seeing the Fiji Islands and their coral reefs price from the air is also possible, and without a doubt, another incredible experience. Specifically, you can jump from more than 4600 meters high and land on one of the islands, an amazing drop zone, for sure.

Mount Everest

Can you imagine jumping from the highest mountain in the world in free fall? Is this possible to do? There is no doubt that the experience in this place would multiply since we could say that Mount Everest is the best skydiving site and the most exciting in the whole world. Obviously, it is a jump for more experienced jumpers.

Victoria Falls

If you still want to enjoy world-class parachute jumps around the world, you should jump over Victoria Falls. These are the largest in the world, and they are located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Are you ready to cross out skydiving from your bucket list? Have a great time!


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