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Why you should consider Glamping for your next holidays


Glamping is a trend that is becoming increasingly fashionable and is one of the best ways to combine luxury and maximum comfort since you will enjoy a stay in a traditional hotel but with an outdoor camping experience. In this way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

What is glamping?

The word glamping comes from the contraction of the terms glamour and camping, and consists of a new way of camping since it includes accommodation and facilities considered more luxurious than those you could currently find in a traditional camping. 

What differentiates glamping from traditional camping is that you can enjoy being surrounded by nature without having to bring or set up your own tent since most of the accommodations that are part of glamping have suite beds, electricity, bathrooms with showers, resort-style toiletries, coffeemakers and sometimes even kitchens. 

Today, the accommodations that you can find inside a glamping are increasingly luxurious and have many more amenities so that you can enjoy the experience even more. 

Why is glamping a travel trend?

Glamping has become more and more a trend because it allows you to live a unique experience and also offers the possibility of combining two great worlds such as luxury and nature. In this way, whoever wishes, can enjoy nature without having to give up the comfort.

The best glamping tents around the world you need to go

The characteristics vary depending on each destination and also the accommodations also vary depending on each location.

Next, we show you the best glamping that you can find around the world:

Merzouga Luxury Desert Camp, Sahara Desert

The first glamping that we want to comment on is located in the Sahara desert so you will wake up surrounded by a sea of ​​sand dunes that extends across the horizon. Enjoy a quiet place where you can gaze at the stars, see spectacular sunrises and do activities in an intimate and private space. 

Treebones Resort, Big Sur, California

We also want to comment on a glamping located in California, specifically on the coast of Big Sur. If you are doing a route by car, the Treebones Resort is a mandatory stop to enjoy a great accommodation surrounded by trees and overlooking the Pacific. As in many of the glampings, you can not only enjoy a great place to rest but also offer multiple activities such as yoga, walks or kayak excursions on the ocean.

Eco Camp Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile 

We also want to comment on this glamping located in Patagonia surrounded by great nature. It is one of the first fully sustainable lodgings in the southern Amazon and is considered the world’s first geodesic hotel. The tents do not have heating or electricity but are equipped so that you can enjoy your experience at all times. Don’t hesitate to visit Torres del Paine National Park.

Aldea Rodavento, Jalcomulco, Veracruz 

This glamping located in Veracruz, Mexico offers you to sleep in real luxury tents surrounded by spectacular nature since you can sleep and camp in the middle of the Veracruz jungle in rooms built naturally with wood, adobe and palm. This glamping not only offers great comfort but also offers its guests numerous adventure activities so that you can enjoy nature in the best possible way. 

Vedetta Lodges, Grosseto, Italy

This glamping is located in the middle of Tuscany on a hill that offers spectacular views in the middle of nature. It’s called Vendetta Lodges and it offers spacious cabins with their own terrace and private bathroom. You can choose if you want to sleep overlooking the sea or you prefer to wake up looking at the town of Scarlino.



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