Xbox Cloud Gaming: Everything You Must Know

Everything you must know about Xbox Cloud Gaming

If you are a big fan of video games and you have the Xbox, this article is for you because
you can now enjoy a new platform that Microsoft offers to all its users. Next, we will comment on all the information you should know about the brand’s new project called Xbox Cloud Gaming, related to streamed games!

What is Xbox Cloud Gaming?

As we have mentioned, Xbox Cloud Gaming is a platform that offers video game services in the cloud. This means that the Xbox One could be used on any mobile device, tablet, or screen since all available video games will be on remote servers. In this way, players will be able to access them whenever they want and have an internet connection.

What is intended through this new platform is that you, as a player, can enjoy the best video games without any kind of interruption, wherever and whenever you want. In this way, everyone who wants to will enjoy more than 200 Xbox One and Xbox X Series games to play on Android or iOS devices in the future.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Launch

After a few months of testing and beta versions in some countries around the world, XCloud, as this platform will also be known, is now available for all of Europe specifically, for 22 countries.

Although the idea is to make it available for all devices, if you have an iPhone, iPad, or Windows PC, you will have to wait for the beta version or you can access it by invitation. That is, in this first release, the platform will only be available for Android devices through the Xbox Game Pass app on Google Play or Samsung Galaxy Store.

Still, if you have an iPhone or any Apple device, don’t worry as you will be able to enjoy the beta version through the Safari browser as long as you have the invitation. Also, if you are a member of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate you will be able to receive an email invitation only if you are one of the chosen ones to try this new platform.

How does the Xbox Cloud Gaming platform work?

As we have mentioned previously, Cloud Gaming is a game streaming platform that aims to offer a completely complimentary service to what they already offer through their consoles Xbox One and Xbox Series X / Series S.

Although many other brands have tried to create such platforms, Microsoft’s service, i.e. Xbox Cloud Gaming, is considered to be one of the best cloud gaming services as it uses the entire data network of companies around the world. This, what it allows is to ensure that all game applications can reach anywhere in the world.

What will you need to play?

Using XCloud will be very simple since the process is easy and also, you will have to use very few elements to enjoy the games. In this way, Microsoft recommends the following to be able to use this platform in the best possible way, specifically, you will need the following:

  • An invitation to access the beta
  • An Xbox wireless controller with Bluetooth
  • An Android mobile device
  • Wi-Fi connection or mobile data
  • The Xbox Game Streaming application

How much will games be on Xbox Cloud Gaming?

The new Xbox Cloud Gaming platform is free for all those who have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. This is the service offered by the brand for the digital download of everything compatible with Xbox One and Series X. This platform costs 15 or 20 dollars per month.

What are the best accessories to play on Xbox Cloud Gaming?

In addition to offering this new gaming platform, there are also a series of accessories for mobile devices that allow us to guarantee a better experience during the game.

Specifically, Project xCloud will require the use of a controller to play. In this way, you can connect the Xbox One controller or even other controllers available from other brands that are compatible and that can be connected with Android via Bluetooth.

Even so, Microsoft will make other controllers available, including the Razer Kishi, the MOGA XP5-X Plus controller or the Xbox wireless controller.

All of them are designed to always guarantee the best user experience and that the user can play in the best possible way at any time and wherever they are.


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