Want to Get Stronger? Try Animal Flow Workout!

Reasons to practice Animal Flow Workout

The Animal Flow Workout has become a viral workout and this has become a new way to train with your body weight. If you want to discover a new way to train, you should continue reading this article, since we will discuss what Animal Flow is and how you can start practicing this peculiar training.

What is Animal Flow?

Animal Flow is a type of strength training that is performed only with the weight of your body. As its name indicates, it is mainly based on ground-based movements carried out by different animals. In other words, these types of confrontations include traditional elements such as stretches, push-ups, or deep squats, although at the same time animal gestures are imitated.

Although this practice may be strange, if you dare to practice this sport, you will be able to see the physical effort it requires and the real work that must be done. Like all types of training, it is demanding, deep and above all, it requires practice.

Through this type of training, you will work on stability, coordination, flexibility, and mobility with your weight. For this, it will be necessary to work the abdominal core since this will be the axis of your exercise.

Check out this video from Mike Fitch, one of the creators of Animal Flow!

What you should know before starting

As in many training, before practicing Animal Flow you must consider a series of aspects to avoid serious injuries. For this reason, many before learning the most well-known postures, it will be necessary to achieve, even if it seems a joke, that our body behaves like that of an animal.

At first, you will need to learn the basic exercises and gain body awareness. Next, through Animal Flow, you will be able to increase your strength but above all, the mobility of your joints, flexibility, and control of your body.

How do you perform Animal Flow?

Animal Flow is a type of training that allows you to combine different disciplines such as yoga or even martial arts. Next, we want to comment on some of the exercises that you can work on in Animal Flow.

At first, you will need to learn the basic exercises and gain body awareness. Next, through Animal Flow, you will be able to increase your strength but above all, the mobility of your joints, flexibility, and control of your body.

Animal Flow Workout is a mixture of yoga, martial arts, and more disciplines
Animal Flow Workout combines stretches, traveling forms, switches, transitions, and flow
Practicing Animal Flow you will learn movements as Tiger Crawl or Donkey Kick Jump

Tiger crawl

Through this first exercise, you will be able to work the entire upper part, that is, pectoral, back, shoulders, arms, and legs in addition to the abdominal area. To be able to do it correctly, you must get into a quadruped position and raise your knees a little off the ground. Once you have the correct position, you simply have to move the opposite limbs and repeat this movement.

Donkey Kick Jump

The next exercise that we want to discuss is the Donkey Kick Jump, this will allow you to work the legs and the upper-middle part of the body. This is already considered an intense exercise and to do it, you will have to get into a quadruped position and lift both hind legs repeatedly.

Bunny hop

To perform the last exercise that we propose in this article, you must place yourself in a squat position, the deeper it is, the more difficult the exercise will get and the more work you will do. Once you have the correct position, you must jump with both legs at the same time to be able to move forward. You must repeat this exercise to be able to work the quadriceps and glutes, in addition to activating the abdominal core area.

Once you dominate these movements, you can continue with the Scorpion Reach and the Crab Reach, and other positions and flows to better control your shoulder blades and gain strength in your whole body. You can consider mixing Animal Flow workout with other disciplines, to get stronger to practice other extreme sports such as climbing or bouldering or improve your balance to do slacklining.

What are the benefits of Animal Flow?

To finish this article we want to comment on some of the most outstanding benefits that practicing Animal Flow will bring you and the reason why this training is being so successful to the point of becoming a viral training.

Increase mobility and flexibility

One of the main benefits that you will get by practicing Animal Flow is undoubtedly increasing your mobility and your body’s flexibility. This is because the strength exercises that we traditionally know are based on contracting the muscle. Instead, the Animal Flow is conscientiously worked on flexibility through exercise. Specifically, it works on 4 pillars: strength, flexibility, body control, and coordination.

Full Body system

As we have explained through some exercises, one of the main characteristics of Animal Flow is that it allows you to work your whole body through your weight. In this way, it is based on a full-body showdown.

What do you need to practice Animal Flow?

One of the most outstanding aspects in addition to the aforementioned is that in order to practice Animal Flow you do not need any type of extra material. You can practice it at home, in the space, and in the way that you decide. It is advisable to do it in a large space that allows you to freely perform the movements you want to practice.

If you can do this type of training outdoors or in a place where you can be in contact with nature, it will allow you to experience a greater relationship and connection between your body and mind.


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