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Best friend matching tattoos

Best friend matching tattoos. Have you ever thought about getting matching tattos with your best friend?

We know that there is nothing like having a best friend, that they are an essential part of your life and that it is practically like family.

We are talking about that type of friend with whom you share most of your time and life, with whom you share both the good and bad of your experiences and together we overcome it and enjoy it.

If you’ve reached this point, you may have thought about getting a matching tattoo with your best friend. If so, read on to discover the best tattoo designs that you should consider and add to the list of possible tattoos.

Best friend matching tattoos designs

Moon and sun

The sun and the moon are two elements that represent the fusion of the opposite, it is for this reason that it is a perfect tattoo for those friends whose differences are what create friendship.

The Friends logo

Multiple adaptations of the series logo have been made to immortalize it on the skin with your best friend. The most famous is through the representation of the dots that separate the letters of the logo

Crescent moons

If you have that relationship where you do not stop sharing things about the signs of the zodiac and astrology, this tattoo of the crescent moon is perfect to reflect your friendship.


Ohana means family, it is the Hawaiian word that appeared in the Lilo & Stitch series and since then it has become one of the most used words to symbolize relationships, because as we have said before, friends are the family that each one chooses.

Hands tattoo

When we talk about hand tattoos, we mean to capture the representation of the pinky promises. Those we always do with our best friend.

Angel wings

This tattoo is perfect for you if you want your tattoo to have a mystical touch. Each of you will tattoo an angel wing on each hand so that when you join hands, the tattoo will complement each other. This tattoo is associated with overcoming problems together and creating an even stronger bond of friendship.

Small matching best friend tattoos

If you want to opt for smaller tattoos, there are also multiple designs that are perfect to reflect your friendship with a small tattoo:

XO Symbols

This design is perfect as tattoos for best friends as it symbolizes kisses (X) and hugs (O)


Hearts are the greatest representation of love, and therefore, there is no better option than getting a small matching heart tattoo with your best friend.


If you want a discreet tattoo with great meaning, this type of tattoo is perfect for you and your best friend. Getting your best friend’s initial tattoo will be a subtle but emotional tattoo.


Getting important dates tattooed is also a great option for getting something small with your best friend. They can be specific dates, the year you were born or even the year you met.

Galaxy tattoo

Specifically, we refer to tattoos in which one is tattooed on a planet and the other person is a spaceship since they are two elements that are destined to be together.

Small bird tattoos

These tattoos are one of the most popular all over the world and it is perfect to reflect those friendships that are at a distance since the swallow is a bird that returns to the same place after a long time.

Cute matching tattoos for best friends

Hugging BFFs Tattoos

Sometimes, there is no better tattoo than to make an exact and literal representation of what we are trying to reflect. That is why there is no cuter tattoo than representing a real hug with your best friend and turning it into a tattoo.

Avocado tattoos

There are more and more people, and especially best friends, who are tattooing personified avocados creating funny and cute tattoos. And, there is no better to represent that the two halves complement each other.

Rose tattoos

We also want to emphasize that tattoos do not always have to mean anything or they do not have to have a deep meaning. It is for this reason that we also discuss the tattoo design of a rose.

Quote your love

These types of tattoos are perfect to reflect your friendship through a quote that you like and represents both of you, whether it is from a book, a movie or a song. The nice thing is that it will be something only of you two.

Matching tattoos for 3 best friends

Are you three best friends? Don’t worry, there are also perfect designs for it:

  1. Triangles are used to symbolize deeper connections and bonds like the one created with your best friends. To represent, 3 triangles are usually tattooed and each person fills one with black.
  2. People playing telephone: This tattoo is perfect for all those that are at a distance and consists of the telephone thread coming together when the 3 tattoos come together. 

Matching tattoos for guy and girl best friends

  1. To reflect your friendship you can always choose a sign or symbol that is meaningful to both of you. This will make you have a meaningful and intimate tattoo to share with your best friend.
  2. Another type of tattoo that you can get are those known as broken tattoos, these are what complement each other when the two people come together. This expresses that these two people complement each other. 
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