The best horror movies you must watch!

The best horror movies you must watch!
If you are a great horror movie lover who likes to suffer and scream, this is your article! If a few months ago we were talking about science fiction and scary movies, in today’s article, we want to bring up the best scary movies of all time. For this, we will make a top 10 of the great scary movies, and also, we will comment on what movies you can’t miss on Netflix.

The top 10 horror movies of all time

We will start this article by making the top 10 of the best horror movies of all time.

The Exorcist

The first movie of this top 10 is The Exorcist and despite the fact that it has caused a great debate on whether or not it is the best horror movie of all time, we have to admit that it is one of the scariest. It was directed by William Friedkin and was released in 1973, and even though many years have passed, it is still a great horror film for its perfect direction, design, and the great sound that accompanies the scenes.

The Shining

The next film we want to comment on is The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1980. Through this, Kubrick demonstrated his great talent and how he was able to address all genres throughout his career, including horror with this masterpiece as The Shining is. Big horror fans all over the world love this movie.

The Thing

In 1982 John Carpenter created this great remake “The Thing from Another World” directed by Howard Hanks in 1951. Through this film, Carpenter not only believed that it was an amazing horror film but also showed what his style was with effective visuals that are fascinating, even today.


Psycho is surely one of the best-known films and it is a great work of the master of suspense such as Alfred Hitchcock. Through this film, Hitchcock manages to keep us in a constant state of nerves thanks to a great script and a magnificent scene, and if we say knife, shower, and woman, everyone knows what scene we are talking about.

Peeping Tom

Psycho is considered to be one of the pioneers of slasher cinema, but Peeping Tom was released in 1960 and makes this doubtful thanks to the work of its director, Michael Powell. In order to create this movie, Powell carried out a study on the creative process and the figure of the author to incorporate elements such as perversion and violence into horror films.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is another of the best-known horror film titles, it was released in 1974 and was directed by Tobe Hooper. It is considered to be one of the films that faithfully represent the horror genre and is undoubtedly one of the best films of this genre of the seventies.

Rosemary’s Baby

The next movie on this list is another of the horror movie classics and is considered a horrible nightmare, that is what has made it a great movie. Roman Polanski, its director, was able to create a hypnotic, distressing, and disturbing environment.

The Omen

In many horror films, the figure of children’s characters is very present, even so, there is no greater representation of these characters as in this iconic film. The Omen has become an excellent movie thanks to the perfect direction of Richard Donner, a spectacular performance by Gregory Peck, and one of the best soundtracks created by Jerry Goldsmith.


The last film in this top 10 is one of the last films released to date and despite this, it has become one of the best horror movies of all time. Hereditary is a complex, sophisticated, and intelligent film, as well as terrifying.

The best horror movies on Netflix you should not miss!

If these movies still do not seem enough, we will recommend now the best horror movies that you can find on one of the largest streaming platforms such as Netflix.


Babadook was one of the great horror film surprises of recent years and it is for this reason that its director, Jennifer Kent, is considered a genius, and you can now enjoy it on Netflix. It’s a great movie thanks to the exploration of the protagonist’s psyche and the way in which she represents her demons projected onto monsters makes a reference to horror films that were previously made.

A Quiet Place

The next movie that you can see on Netflix is A Quiet Place and this has become one of the sensations of horror films in the last years. Through this film, you will be able to discover the story of a family that lives in the forest and cannot make any sound because if they do not listen to you, they cannot hunt you…


The last film that we want to comment on and that you can see on Netflix is Hush. This is a horror movie, more specifically in this movie a very effective cross between the slasher and the home invasion is made, which makes it a great movie.

The best Halloween movies

Next, we want to highlight some of the best Halloween movies:

The House of Haunted Hill

The House on Haunted Hill has turned into one of the most illogical and entertaining horror films of all time, and this is due to the amazing performance of Vincent Price and the great directing work of William Castle.

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus has transformed for many people into a perfect ritual for Halloween and for this reason, it is one of the most beloved films by all those people of the generation that grew up watching 90s movies.


Casper has also become one of the classics ghost stories and one of the best-known films. It was released in 1955 and Brad Siberling was in charge of creating one of the most popular characters such as Casper. In this one, a great job of setting and scenery is done as well as an admirable job to create the soundtrack.

Horror movies based on true stories that will really scare you!

We could not fail to include in this article 3 of the most terrifying films based on real events:

A Nightmare on Elm Street

The first film is A Nightmare on Elm Street, a movie that has managed to create an iconic in the cinema that marked a whole generation of the eighties. Despite the fact that Freedy is a fictional character, the director was inspired by a true story about a group of refugees who survived the Cambodian Camps. These survivors explained that they had so many nightmares that they did not want to fall asleep to never have them again.

The Exorcist

The next movie we want is another of the best known and it’s The Exorcist. This is based on a novel that tells the story of the diabolical possession of a twelve-year-old girl who later underwent an exorcism.

The Strangers

The last film based on true events that we want to recommend is The Strangers. This film is based on real events, specifically, on crimes committed by serial killer Charles Manson in the late 60s and they were reflected in Helter Skelter’s book: The true story of the Manson Murders.


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