Extreme adrenaline? Try Bungee Jumping!

Bungee Jumping is an extreme sport where you feel the thrill from free-falling.
If in previous articles we have commented on extreme sports, in today’s post we want to show you one sport that could offer the extreme adrenaline you are looking for. Specifically, we are talking about Bungee Jumping, and for all those who still do not know it, we want to explain in this post what this sport consists of and some of the most important tips.

What is Bungee Jumping?

Bungee Jumping is an extreme sport which consists of performing a jump into the void from a bridge using a rope, normally for climbing. In this way, when the person performs the jump, the rope used and held through a harness will remain taut and the person will be suspended in the air while swinging. The biggest thrill is caused by the free fall, which gives the bungee jumper an adrenaline rush.

One of the most famous bungee jumps is the stunt that Pierce Brosnan as James Bond did in the movie GoldenEye, jumping from the Verzasca Dam, in Switzerland.

Types of Bungee Jumping

After having briefly discussed what bungee jumping consists of, it is also important to mention that there are different types despite the fact that in each of the modalities a rope is used and a jump is made into the void.

Pendulum Height

The first type that we can find is known as pendulum height and this is one of the most common and usual modalities. In order to practice this type of Bungee Jumping, you must jump with the rope fixed to the bridge structure and a body harness attached to the waist. In this way, when the person jumps will be able to balance and create the pendulum movement.

Rope at the ankles

The following type of bungee jumping is characterized by the fact that the rope is tied to the ankles, so unlike the type of jump mentioned above, the fall will be totally vertical, so at the end of the jump, the person will rebound experiencing a heightened sense of adrenaline.


The Goming is another type of bungee jumping and is very similar to the type that we have mentioned previously since a vertical fall is also performed. Still, in this case, a bungee cord is used so the final bounce will be less.

Backward jumping

The last type of Bungee Jumping that we want to mention is backward jumping, and we wanted to add it to this shortlist because if you are brave, jumping backward you can experience a greater sensation of adrenaline.

Tips and tricks about Bungee Jumping

As we have mentioned throughout this article, Bungee Jumping is a risky sport in which a great sensation of adrenaline is experienced and in order for it to be developed correctly, it will be necessary to follow a series of recommendations and tips.

Follow the rules

Despite being considered an extreme sport, it is also important to mention that it is a sport in which great safety measures are followed to be able to perform the jump without any problem. Therefore, one of the first tips and also one of the most important is to follow the instructions of the specialized person. You must know that it is totally forbidden to practice this sport without any specialized instructor.

Safety material 

Regarding the first advice, it is very important to remember that it is necessary to bring the appropriate protective equipment and material. In this way, we will need a rope, a safety harness and gloves. In addition, all this material must be in perfect condition and fully approved.

Check the ropes

Another very practical tip is to check the ropes either before the jump and between the jumps that will be performed with the same rope. The rope is undoubtedly one of the most important elements to practice jumping in complete safety, so it will be necessary to check that it is in perfect condition.

Boos yourself

The last tip we want to mention in this article is related to when to jump. At this time, we must push ourselves forward, always jumping from the edge of the bridge to avoid any type of accident or blow.

Best places to practice Bungee Jumping in the world

Let’s discover some of the best places where you can do Bungee Jumping!

Victoria Falls Bridge

The first site we want to mention is the Victoria Falls Bridge which is located between the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Between these two countries of south Africa and on the Zambezi River you can do Bungee Jumping in one of the most fascinating places in the world. The bridge is 3937 inches high and you will perform a 4-second free fall.

Macu Tower

Another of the most impressive jump sites, where you can practice this sport is on the Macau Tower in China. It is located in the heart of the Asian city of casinos and has a height of 9173.23 inches, which is why it has become a place where most experts perform these jumps.

Royal Gorge Natural Park

The last place we want to mention is the bridge that is located in the Royal Gorge Natural Park and it has also become one of the best places for the more adventurous since you can enjoy a jump to more than 12637 inches in height.


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