Couples Tattoos: ideas for Valentine’s Day

Couples Tattoos: ideas for Valentine's Day
We recently talked about how important friendship is and how many best friends decided to get matching tattoos. In today’s article and relation to one of the most romantic parties such as Valentine’s Day, we want to show you which are the best ideas for matching couples tattoos.

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo with your partner? Don’t hesitate to read on to discover the best designs!

Best couples matching tattoos designs

Puzzle pieces 

If what you want is to express your love through a matching inking, this is one of the best options and the idea is that each one of the couple gets a puzzle piece that complements when the two people are together, in this way, this tattoo complements its meaning when the two pieces are put together.


Another of the best options that you can choose as a couple is representative symbols. In this case, we opted for each of you to get a crown tattooed since they are a simple design but also aesthetic. Also, the king and queen tattoos are a great idea for couples.

Romantic phrases

Romantic phrases have become one of the most popular tattoos to be made as a couple, and it is that through a phrase that identifies you you can express your love. The beauty of this type of tattoo is choosing the phrase that´s most meaningful for both of you.

Voice waves 

One of the most original ideas that you can get with your partner is tattooing your voice waves. Although at first, it may seem strange, it consists of recording audio of your voice and inking the waves that this message creates. Thanks to this cute tattoo, you will forever have a message from one of the most important people to you.

Personal ideas

Every relationship is different and each of the couples has jokes, concepts, or intimate memories that surely only they will understand. It is for this reason that choosing something that you have in common and that no one else understands is one of the best options to get ink as it fully symbolizes the relationship.

Sun and moon tattoos, some of the most popular couple’s tattoos nowadays.
A different kind of moon tattoos. Couples tattoos.

Small couples tattoos

There are many couples who want to get a tattoo but don’t dare with a great design that is very complex, for this reason, we leave you below a series of designs in case you prefer to get a small tattoo with your partner, there are also small tattoos for couples.

Split tattoo

Earlier we discussed a type of tattoo that is completed when people come together and therefore, in this section we want to discuss a tattoo idea known as a split tattoo and consists of a design divided into two parts. For this type of ink, you can make any type of design, from a phrase as an object or even a symbol.

Initial of the couple

One of the most classic ideas but also one of the most aesthetic is to get the initials of the couple. It is a romantic symbol that you can also do in many different styles since there are thousands of ideas to get your partner’s initials tattooed.


Inking some coordinates has been in recent years the best decision for many people and it is a perfect idea to tattoo together the coordinates of a special place for you, you can choose the coordinates of the places you met, of a special trip that have you done together or just a place that brings good memories to both of you.

A significant date

If in the previous idea we were talking about coordinates and special places, getting a date tattooed is also a great idea to get your partner. In the same way, it can be the date of your first date, your first kiss, or simply a nice memory that you have shared as a couple.

Opposite symbols

It has always been said that opposites attract, and this is what you want to reflect through these ink options. There are numerous symbols that you can get like Yin and Yang, sun and moon tattoo, lock and key tattoos or if you want a simpler symbol you could even ink a triangle, one painted and the other not.

Cute matching tattoos for couples

Nowadays, there are many couples who decide that the best option to get a tattoo is to get a design that matches. It is for this reason that next we want to show you three of the most original proposals that you will be able to do with your pair.

Origami or other elements

Next, we bring you one of the elements that are most fashionable, such as origamis. And we assure you that this tattoo is perfect for all those couples who want to get a nice and simple tattoo since it is of a basic design, of fine lines in black and white. Also, it is perfect for all those couples who want to get a joint tattoo.

Animal tatto

Another of the best options of matching tattoos for couples that you can make is the design of an animal. You can get a tattoo of the animal that represents each of you, your favorite animal, or even maybe you have a pet and you want to get its face or its footprint tattooed.


Reflecting love through the footprints of people has become one of the best options for many people and also one of the most original inks. And you can get tattooed the way you want and include the lines of the footprint in this symbol.

Perfect tattoos for long relationships

To finish this article on ideas for couples tattoos, we want to show you the best ideas and the best tattoos that you can get from all those people who have been in a relationship for a long time, because there are different symbols that are perfect to reflect this type of relationship.

Weddings rings

One of the first options we want to discuss is perfect for couples who are already married, and what better way to represent it than through a small tattoo that represents your wedding rings. This type of tattoo can be done with a very simple design or a much more realistic one and in both cases, it will be perfect.

Sun and moon

Another of the best designs and also one of the most popular, as we commented in the article about the best tattoos to get with your best friend, is the design of the sun and the moon. The sun and the moon are two elements that represent the fusion of the opposite, that is why it is a perfect tattoo for those couples whose differences have made them get such a stable and lasting relationship.

Lock and key

Finally, we want to comment on another of the most popular designs due to the fact that placing locks was a custom made by lovers visiting the Milvio Bridge in Rome. As a consequence, through this tattoo you can perfectly reflect what a very long relationship means. Concretely, we are talking about the lock and key tattoo since through this one, we usually want to reflect that the love of the couple will be forever. One recommendation is to choose well who is the key and who is the lock.


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