Generation Z characteristics are changing LGBT Community?

Amid Generation Z’s characteristics, their sexual identity and conceptions are changing the LGBT community.
Younger generations evolve, change and transform little by little what had previously been established as normal or ordinary. And this is precisely what Generation Z’s characteristics are causing in the Gay Community. Young people who belong to this generation have always lived with the Internet and although many people do not understand it, social media have also allowed young people to explore different ways of life and sexual tendencies, beyond LGBT identification.

In today’s article, we want to talk about how Gen Z is not only changing the rules in the Gay Community but is becoming the Generation of Change that the world needs right now, as we at Roll and Feel always say.

What is Gen Z? The Generation of Change

To understand why the young people of Generation Z are the change, we consider it necessary to establish the main characteristics of this new generation. It is also important to mention that talking about Gen Z means discussing a new concept for many people and not all the information is available yet.

Generation Z is also known as Centennials, Zoomers, or Zillennials since they are the successors of the well-known Millennials, the Generation Y.

It is said that those born in the late ‘90s and early 2000s belong to Gen Z, specifically, it is established that all those between 1997 and 2010 birth years are the Gen Z.

As we mentioned, Generation Z is the heir to everything established by Millennials, and although they are generations with many similarities, it is also necessary to emphasize that Generation Z presents very different characteristics.

Young people who belong to Gen Z are digital natives and tech-savvy, and therefore have a very direct relationship with everything related to technology. Members of gen zers are characterized by being digital natives. Before this generation, Millennials were thought to be the true digital natives until the name of this new generation appeared.

People who belong to Generation Z were born or raised in a time of economic crisis, with a great recession, huge job uncertainty, and great competition. As a consequence of this, Gen Z adults are people who are characterized by being self-sufficient, self-taught, and prepared for everything that comes.

Finally, it is important to note that members of this generation demonstrate greater social activism than previous generations, they are a part of society more committed to social problems and, above all, aspects related to the environment.

Generation Z and sexuality

One of the most outstanding characteristics of Gen Z is that the vast majority of young people who belong to it have a more open and fluid sexuality, leaving behind the taboos or the concepts established by older generations, like Baby Boomers.

Young people no longer identify as exclusively heterosexual, as they understand that there are other possibilities and options regarding their own sexuality, identity, or gender. Gen Z is known as being the most open about their sexuality because they have grown up in an era in which gender identity is being highly questioned, for example, by concepts like non-binary gender.

Through this questioning, what is sought is that young people and society itself develop in a more liberal context in which it is not necessary to define oneself as a man, woman, hetero, queer or same-gender-loving. Gen Z is convinced that there are many aspects that coexist between these more established concepts.

In this way, Generation Z relates to sexuality in a free and inclusive way, they are aware that there is no single sexual model and neither are the genders that we knew until now. They defend that it is no longer, only, about having the full freedom to choose who to be with, who to want or have sexual relations with. But now, it is about understanding that gender and sexual identity are more fluid concepts and that therefore, it exists many more options.

These are some of the changes and new reflections that Generation Z is bringing to the LGTB community.

Attributes of Gen Z’s Referents

The concept of community for Generation Z is very important since social networks have allowed them to connect with people from all over the world and thus create a community.

As a consequence of this, references and celebrities are also essential to strengthen that feeling of community. Let’s discover who are some of the most important referents of Gen Z and their main attributes:

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is possibly one of the most popular artists for Generation Z and surely there is no one who does not know her. Billie Eilish not only stands out for her perfect music but also for her peculiar and unique style. She characterizes by wearing very loose clothing, precisely to avoid being judged by her physical appearance.


Zendaya is another of the great references of Generation Z. Many of the young people will know her for her spectacular performance in the HBO series Euphoria. But in addition, Zendaya has become a reference for being a great defender of women’s rights and for showing their opposition to racist comments from famous people.

Amandla Stenberg

The last great reference that we want to highlight is Amandla Stenberg. In addition to being a great actress, Stenberg stands out for being one of the great voices of generation Z with just 22 years.


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