Kitesurfing: a guide to starting this extreme sport

Young man practicing kitesurfing in the sea.
Today’s article is for all those people who still want to continue enjoying and discovering new sports. If you already know what free solo climbing, hang gliding, or base jumping is, we present another extreme sport such as kitesurfing, so if you are interested in learning about this sport, keep reading because in this article you will discover the basic guide to get started.

What is kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing, over the years, has become an increasingly popular sport and also one of the most fun that can be done in the water. But do we know what kitesurfing is? How do you start to practice?

Kitesurfing is a water sport considered extreme since it consists of sliding on the water thanks to the force of the wind as this element is the engine of this sport. In addition to the wind, to practice it you will need a kite and a board to be able to propel yourself over the water.

Unlike the surf and guiding us by its name, to practice kitesurfing it will not be necessary to have big waves since you can also practice it in calm waters, the only thing you will need is water and wind.

Check out how much fun kitesurfing is in this video!

Basics tips to start kitesurfing

After knowing briefly what this sport consists of, we want to provide you with some of the best basic tips so that you can start practicing kitesurfing until you become a great professional.

Qualified teacher

Kitesurfing is one of the most fun sports but to be able to practice it well, you will need to learn some of the most important techniques and also the basic movements to control the force of the wind and the board. There are a lot of kitesurfing schools, wherewith the help of a trainer kite, they teach you how to kite and all you will need to know about the wind speed and the wind strength.

Besides, you should understand which are the best conditions to start practicing since if the weather conditions and wind ranges are very high, it will be advisable not to practice this sport.

Bring the right equipment 

Another of the most important tips is to bring the most appropriate material and equipment. To practice, it is not only necessary to know the material but also, you will have to make sure that it is good kite equipment and that it adapts to your needs. Specifically, you must have a kitesurfing kite, a board, a bar known as a control system, and finally, a kitesurfing harness.

Practice as long as you can

As in many other sports, practice is everything to become a good professional or simply to enjoy a good experience. Kitesurfing is a sport in which you never stop learning because new movements and new practices will surely appear to do and perform.

Practice flying

About the aforementioned advice, another of the most important tips is to practice recreational flying. To do this, it will be necessary to master the kite on dry land as it has become essential to be able to practice this sport. It is considered that if you master the control of the kite in the sand, it will be much easier to do it later on in the waves.

Lear the kitesurf signals 

Finally, one of the most important tips is to master and learn the kitesurf signals, that is, the aquatic signals which are essential in water sports. Learning these signals is essential to stay safe in the water.

Famous kitesurfers in the world

So that you can meet and have great references in the world of kitesurfing, we want to highlight one of the best kitesurfers in the world, such as Gisela Pulido. Pulido is a young Catalan woman who has become the main reference in this sport.

From the age of 10, she began to practice this sport and since then she has managed to break all the records. Thanks to all her work and effort, Gisela has become a great reference on a sporting level but also a personal level for all kitesurfers.

The best places in the world to practice kitesurfing

To end this article, we want to comment on the best places to practice kitesurfing in the world.


Capetown has long become one of the best places to practice kitesurfing and it has more than 30 impressive places located throughout the city and its surroundings. The best time to go kitesurfing in Capetown is between November and March as this is when the wind blows more steadily and you can also enjoy warm and sunny weather.


Cumbuco, Brazil, is another of the most popular beaches and is internationally recognized as one of the best places to practice kitesurfing. Cumbuco offers perfect places for all types of levels and disciplines since you can train the best maneuvers and movements in them. The best time to enjoy the ideal conditions in Cumbuco is from June to February.


The last place we want to highlight is Maui, in Hawaii, as this has become the quintessential tropical destination for kitesurfing thanks to the optimal conditions. The best time of year to visit Maui and really have a good experience is during March and October.


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