Learn how to fix a broken skateboard by yourself!

How to fix a broken skateboard by yourself
Have you started practicing the best skate tricks and your board has broken? Do not worry because we have prepared a simple guide with the different steps that you will have to follow both to fix your broken skateboard and to solve all the main problems of a skateboard when you start.

How to solve the most typical problems of skates?

That your skateboard breaks in two or that some of the pieces are loose are two very common problems for all those who practice skating on a regular basis. And, although there are mythical skateboard brands, of high quality, these types of problems with your skate are totally normal. 

Next, we will teach you how to solve the most typical issues that you may suffer as a skater before you go running to the skate shop. 

Repair a hole in the skate

One of the most frequent situations that usually occurs when you are practicing this sport is that your skateboard escapes and it suffers a direct impact. This small accident can usually cause the wood to sink or even scratch.

To repair this, you will need to use contact paper, or also known as thick adhesive tape, in addition to baking soda. With the adhesive tape, you will have to cover the blow of the board to make a kind of barrier and fill it later with bicarbonate.

Fixing a broken skate

If the blow is stronger, your skate may break completely, in this case, the process to fix it will be different.

The fastest way you can fix your broken skateboard deck is to add masking tape along the entire break to join the pieces. The only problem with this arrangement is that it will be temporary and the result of the new table may be more irregular so it may make it difficult to use.

If you want to make a better arrangement, you can always cover the break with extra pieces of wood, that is, you can try to join different parts to create a new base. In this case, it is recommended to also glue a piece of wood to the bottom that reinforces the structure and allows you to skate better. Even so, when you do it you should bear in mind that you will have a centimeter below the table so you will have to adapt to this.

How to make the bearings roll well

If the bearings on your skateboard are not working properly they may need a good cleaning.

In the event that the wheels continue to rotate minimally, it will not be necessary to disassemble all the wheels to clean them since it is a very long process. On the contrary, in the event that the wheel does not turn at all, a deep cleaning must be done.

In order for you to clean the bearings, you must remove the axle, the wheel, and the wheel bearings. Then, you just have to submerge the bearings in solvent and let them dry so that you can then put the covers back on.

Fixing the skateboard axles

The axles are another of the most important elements in a skateboard since they are the metal bars located at the bottom and allow you to control the board in turns. Many times, with the increase in the use of skateboarding, the axles can move and therefore do not fulfill their function.

It is generally recommended that beginners have tighter axles for greater control of the board. In this way, as you improve your skills and your balance, you will be able to modify the axes in order to do better tricks.

To adjust the axles, you will only have to tighten the large nut located in the center of the axle with a wrench. It is also recommended to test the board after touching the axles of the skate to check that everything is correct and above all, to make sure to check that you have not completely loosened it since it can cause it to fall.

How to eliminate bubbles on the skateboard

Another of the most common things that can happen is that a series of bubbles appear under the sandpaper. This can happen due to the great use of the skateboard or also because at the time it should not have been placed uniformly.

To solve it, you just have to slide a simple razor blade over the edge of the sandpaper to make a small opening. Once you have made the small cut you just have to push the air out until the bubble disappears.

Tighten the nuts and parts

Finally, we want to discuss another possible very common problem. Like the trucks, there are other parts that make up the skateboard that can be loose and can cause accidents or unnecessary falls.

In this case, it will simply be necessary to check that each of the nuts that are part of the table is tight.


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