Do you venture with TikTok ‘challenges’?

We dare you to do some of these TikTok challenges

A few months ago, we talked about the 10 best TikTok dances that you should learn or some of the new videos and Viral TikTok users that you should follow. If you are a big fan of TikTok and want to be up to date with all the new challenges, we recommend that you continue reading this article because we will discuss some of the most famous challenges of this platform in recent months.

The best challenges and challenges of TikTok

As we mentioned in the previous articles in which we talked about TikTok, this platform is full of content creators capable of making fun TikTok challenges. Virality is one of the most outstanding characteristics of TikTok and for this reason, we will comment on the best and most trending TikTok challenges of 2021.

2016 vs 2021

TikTok is a platform where you can find numerous types of content on different topics and among all of them, makeup videos stand out. In recent months, TikTok videos that show makeup trends in 2016 compared to today’s new fashions have become very viral.

Like many other areas, beauty trends are constantly changing and for this reason, the trend created by Mikayla Nogueria quickly became a very viral video reaching half a million likes.

Please Don’t Go

The next video we want to mention is the one that uses the original sound of the song “Please Don’t Go”. This has become a viral challenge around the world and it reflects a situation with which many people feel identified right now.

Specifically, this video is also known as “Pulling Up To the Function” because it refers to those people who want to avoid face-to-face events and therefore go incognito with scarves, sunglasses, and even their pets.

Feta pasta

Without a doubt, this recipe has become one of the most viral videos in recent months, and even if you don’t have TikTok, we’re sure you’ve seen video clips of it somewhere.

The recipe is very simple and that its result is so tasty and good makes us understand the success of this challenge. Right now it is almost impossible to know who was the original creator of this recipe as millions of people have recreated this recipe in their accounts. </p<

In addition, due to its success, many other people have been changing it and new recipes have been created with different ingredients. So if you want to innovate with this recipe, you just have to enter TikTok and discover all the steps to follow.

… Without telling me

The next challenge that we want to discuss is another of the most popular in recent months among the TikTok community. And surely you have seen some variation of this challenge because it can really be adapted to multiple situations.

Basically this challenge consists of “Tell me what you are” fill in the blanks “without telling me”. As you can imagine, this message can be adapted to many different situations and result in hilarious videos.

Fitness Challenge 

Of course, the challenges of fitness and sport on TikTok could not be absent in this article and this is because this topic offers many different challenges. Specifically, in recent months the challenge known as the “Plank Challenge” has become fashionable, which consists of holding out for as long as possible doing this exercise.

Undoubtedly another of the best known and most popular challenges within the fitness category is the one known as the Koala Challenge. This is perfect for those couples who decide to train together and in this case, it is the woman who must exert more force since she must travel the man’s body as if it were a koala without falling to the ground.

If you want to discover other challenges and challenges related to sport, you just have to get into the Fitness tag and discover the great world that awaits you there.

Daily Reminder Social Media is Fake

We could not fail to include in this article the challenge known as “Daily Reminder Social Media is Fake”. Through this, it is intended to reinforce the message that everything that is seen on social networks is not real and therefore, through these videos, it is shown that bodies that are seen in a supposedly perfect way, are not always like this.

We dare you to try some of these TikTok challenges! You will have lots of fun!


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