Smoking® collaborates with Trees for the Future

Smoking® helps the NGO Trees for the Future

Sustainability has become one of the most important pillars of Smoking®. For this reason, we are not only committed to the quality of each of our products, but we are also committed to producing them in a way that respects the environment.

Next, we want to comment on one of the most important actions in which the Smoking brand has been involved since 2017. Specifically, we are talking about the collaboration between Smoking and the NGO Trees for the Future. Do you want to find out how you can help? Keep reading!

What is the NGO Trees for the Future? What do they do?

In addition to ecological products and favoring a product creation process, Smoking collaborates with the NGO Trees For The Future, a non-governmental organization that has proposed to plant 500 million trees in Sub-Saharan Africa to create a green wall that stops deforestation and helps local farmers achieve a sustainable way of life.

Tree for the Future found that trees were being destroyed at a rapid rate in Africa, Latin America, and South, and Southeast Asia, destroying the ecosystem. Many of these areas are inhabited by small farmers who, unknowingly, could be engaging in destructive agricultural practices, making these areas more vulnerable to climate change.

From this NGO, they have created the Forest Garden Program with the aim of solving this problem in a simple, replicable way and with proven success. This program consists of a 4-year training program where farmers plant thousands of trees to help the ecosystem and thus protect and obtain nutrients from the soil.

As a consequence of this, greater cultivation of fruits and vegetables can be carried out and in this way, farmers will be able to increase their income at the same time as they improve the environment.

Smoking® supports Trees for the Future

In 2017 Smoking® began a collaboration with Trees for the Future as a demonstration of our commitment to the environment by planting trees. With this collaboration, we want to inspire our consumers and make it possible for them to be more sustainable too. Therefore, through their purchases, they will also be able to support and collaborate with Trees for the Future since from Smoking we donate a part of our sales to this NGO.

We know that our consumers are also involved in aspects related to the environment and sustainability. If you want to participate and contribute to protecting the environment, we make it very easy for you. You just have to enter the website of Smoking and click the button “I want to help!” or use the hashtag #Rollwithgreen on social media and we will plant a tree on your behalf!

Besides, as we have mentioned, Smoking has one of the most ecological products on the market and that is why Smoking Organic donates to Trees for The Future a part of the sales to contribute to their reforestation efforts. Thus, with the purchase of any product from the Smoking Organic range, you will collaborate in planting trees.

How can you contribute to Trees for the Future?

Do you want to help Trees for the Future achieve its goals? To do this, you can contribute through active campaigns such as Smoking’s or, on the contrary, you can make a donation directly to the NGO. Specifically, you can make a one-time donation of the amount that you decide yourself or, on the contrary, you can make a monthly donation in order to support Trees for the Future and Forest Garden farmers year-round.


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