Digital Art: types and tips to learn more

Digitale Kunst: Arten und Tipps, um mehr zu erfahren.
As we mentioned in our previous article on the best drawing and art applications, technology and art are increasingly related and as a result of this, a new artistic discipline called Digital Art has emerged.

More and more people are exploring the great world of Digital Art after mastering and knowing the traditional drawing technique. It is for this reason that if before we talked about the best apps you should try, in today’s article we want to comment on what digital art is, what types currently exist, and some of the best tips so that you can start or improve your digital creations.

What is Digital Art?

Digital Art is also known as Digital Drawing or Illustration and therefore, it is considered to be an artistic discipline that is carried out through digital drawing programs. In this way, it is understood that digital artworks are those produced thanks to digital and computer-generated elements.

Many times, what is intended through this type of drawing is to simulate traditional drawing techniques such as ink, watercolor, or oil painting with software and technological tools. In addition, it is important to note that as a result of Digital Art, numerous disciplines have been created, among which Digital Illustration stands out. This technique consists of the digital transformation of a drawing made in a traditional way. Many digital artists, in addition to creating their works, also venture into creating their own digital illustrations.

What types of Digital Art are there?

As we mentioned earlier, in recent years, Digital Art has experienced great growth, and as a consequence of this, new types of Digital Art have been developing. Next, we will comment on some of the most important:

3D Modeling

The first type of Digital Art that we want to highlight is what is technically known as 3D Modeling. This refers to three-dimensional art and is therefore the technique used to create three-dimensional shapes through specific programs and software.

Digital Airbrushing

Airbrushing is a tool that is included in graphic design applications and therefore has become a specific type of digital drawing. With this technique what is intended is to simulate the effect that is achieved when painting with an aerosol and through this, a photograph can be completely transformed.

Vector Art

Vector Art refers to vector images that are created through geometric figures. From these figures, high-quality digital illustrations are created, although, for this, it will be necessary to use an illustration program based specifically on vectors.

Typographic Art

Typographic Art is possibly one of the most widespread Digital Arts for users and it consists of creating works of art and design from typographies. It is important to highlight that this type of art goes far beyond creating beautiful and attractive fonts.

Digital Sculpture

The last type of Digital Art that we want to comment on is Digital Sculpture. In order to create this type of art, artists use virtual spaces and represent their work there. It is important to mention that as in 3D modeling, to create Digital Sculpture you also need 3D software and know the traditional notions of sculpture.

Tips and advice to get started in Digital Art

You may be an artist who likes to seek and experiment with new techniques and visual effects, or perhaps you are simply a person who is passionate about traditional art but also digital. Regardless of the type of person with whom you identify, we want to include in this article a series of tips and advice so that you can start or learn even more about Digital Art.

Draw a lot

One of the most important aspects that you should take into account is that before starting to draw digitally, it is considered necessary to have drawn a lot by hand. Because, in the end, no matter the platform in which you draw, it will be necessary to have prior knowledge of techniques and ways to draw. So, if you master drawing in a traditional way, doing it in the digital world will not be a problem.

Learn the terms

Like the traditional art world, digital is also based on a few terms you need to know. Therefore, it will be necessary for you to learn the most important concepts of Digital Art such as color models and formats.

Invest in tools

If your intention is to specialize in the great world of Digital Art, it will also be recommended that you invest in specialized tools and programs to carry out this type of art. This way, you can start drawing with an affordable graphics tablet and digital drawing software with free trial periods.


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