8 documentaries on climate change you must watch.

Today we are just one click away from great access to the information we want and this is a great advantage. We can search for information on current events, from a thousand years ago and constantly keep up to date. As we have said in many other posts in which we talk about sustainability, concern for the environment is increasing and for that reason, we are going to comment below on the most essential documentaries on climate change that you cannot miss.

Top 8 documentaries on climate change

The major streaming platforms, in addition to the best series, also offer the best documentaries. So, many of the documentaries that we are going to mention now, as we said, you will find them just one click away. 

Our planet

The first documentary we want to mention is Our Planet, this can be found on Netflix, and more than a documentary we could say that it is a miniseries since it is made up of 8 different chapters. 

Our planet is perfect for all those people who are not yet fully convinced that the climate crisis needs to be addressed and solved urgently. To raise awareness, David Attenborough will show you how rising temperatures are affecting wildlife around the world, how plastic endangers the lives of all marine species, and ultimately shows how our actions destroy everything.  


Cowspiracy is one of the best-known documentaries on climate change and therefore, it could not be missing in our article. This can also be found on Netflix and talks about how the meat industry is one of the most responsible for global warming. 

Although it may seem surprising, the meat industry surpasses transportation or mining as one of the industries that generate the greatest disasters in the environment. And this is precisely what this documentary is about. 

In addition, Cowspiracy denounces and also emphasizes the high consumption of meat by users and the political and economic power that hides behind this highly polluting sector.  

Before the Flood 

Leonardo DiCaprio is possibly one of the celebrities best known for his activism and fights in favor of the environment and this is demonstrated through the documentary Before the Flood. In this case, DiCaprio does not appear in front of the cameras and the actor spent years investigating the causes and effects of climate change throughout the world. 

Thanks to this research, he focused his documentary on deforestation in Indonesia as a consequence of the palm oil industry and on the melting of glaciers in Greenland. 

The only moment in which Leonardo DiCaprio appears in front of the camera is at the end of this film to give a passionate speech of which we highlight this phrase: “You are the last great hope for the Earth. We ask you to protect it ”

An Inconvenient Truth 

Another documentary that could not be missed in this post is An Inconvenient Truth. We have decided to include this documentary since for many people, it is the first documentary that made them change their perception of global warming and they realized the serious consequences it had on the world. 

An Inconvenient Truth is by Albert Arnold Gore, better known as Al Gore. The former vice president of the United States exposes all the realistic data that warn and determine that there will be more floods, droughts, hurricanes, and more catastrophes in the coming years as a result of the worrying rise in temperatures 

After making this documentary, Al Gore has followed his role as an activist and continues to raise awareness about climate change through documentaries such as An Uncomfortable Sequel: Truth to Power.  

The True Cost

Many people could say that the documentary The True Cost will make you change your mentality and your way of thinking about another of the sectors that have the greatest environmental impact on our planet. 

Surely you remember the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory, which unfortunately killed more than a thousand workers. As a result of this accident, Andrew Morgan began the investigation that would lead him to create The True Cost. A documentary that reveals the way in which clothes are manufactured and the great environmental effect that fast fashion has in countries such as Bangladesh, India, and Cambodia.

In addition, the director decided to also speak with great defenders of the industry who are committed to slow fashion to denounce the need for a change within the fashion sector. 


Finally, we want to talk about the documentary titled 2040. This is by Damon Gameau, an Australian filmmaker who aims to convey a positive vision of the world that awaits us in 2040. 

Gameau imagines a world where technology will be very present and we adapt it to be able to reduce the carbon that is currently present in our atmosphere. As a consequence, a new world is imagined where practically only renewable energies are used, transport systems are modified and regenerative agriculture is mainly used. 

Before It’s Too Late

Before It’s Too Late is National Geographic’s own documentary. It shows the most serious consequences of climate change in different parts of the world. 

It is also a highly recommended documentary as it offers different points of view and generates a debate on how to solve the climate crisis that we have been living in for many years and that affects the whole world. 

In order to carry out this debate, professionals from science and politics participate. 


Finally, we want to talk about the RiverBlue documentary. This highlights the problem of water pollution mainly from the fashion industry. Specifically, it talks about how the chemicals used in clothing affect the environment and all the rivers in China, Bangladesh, or India. 

What do you think? Have you watched any of these documentaries? 





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