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Numerous people use different ideas to wear the perfect hairstyle. A perfect hairstyle is adored by everyone, but there is a slight difference between a perfect hairstyle and a weird hairstyle. Hairstyles like tomatoes, tennis balls and even a bird’s nest can make you look like a fool sometimes! Check out these weird and funny haircuts ideas that will make you laugh, but possibly not try them 😉.



When you think of a tomato, you think of freshness and salad, but you definitely don’t think of a hairstyle, right? However, some people choose to shape and dye their hair like a tomato… The head part is colored and shaped like a stem and the body part is dyed dark red.


This strange pineapple-shaped hairstyle is a strange large ponytail on the top of the head, which avoids twists and uncoiled swirls and appears with the head lying on a cushion. It’s mostly dyed with yellow and green colors.

Tennis Ball

Even various sports equipment are used as a portrait for hairstyle, and a tennis ball hairstyle is the most bizarre and funny one. Tennis fans are crazy about this type of hairstyle.

Spider Web

This can be creepy and outrageous for many people. And the webs are created with cotton balls, and the spider web is woven with a craft needle.


The gecko is a reptile that is as beautiful as it’s rare, but doing one’s hair like a gecko is perhaps the rarest. Some people prefer to simply style their hair like a gecko, and others go a step further and dye their hair as well.


A rat tail is a hairstyle that is represented by a long rat tail-like element of hair growing downward from the back of the head. It usually hangs in a typical fashion, with braids. Some people also choose to cut their hair in the shape of a rat, ending with a rat tail.

The giant puff

This old curly hairstyle is still in use, but it doesn’t look appropriate anymore. It gives a really weird and funny look and this hairstyle makes your head look really huge.

Bird’s nest

As the title suggests, this hairstyle is in the shape of a bird’s nest, with the help of braids and various textures. It can look good in a limited way, but not if used in an exaggerated way.

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is a famous building and performing arts center in New South Wales, Australia. It’s one of the most well-known buildings, but this hairstyle represents this building in a very different and silly way.

The Porcupine

Porcupines are animals with sharp spiked skins, as protective measures. But this particular hairstyle is not protective at all, but more fun.




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