Discover how to drift a car.

Do you love cars? Do you want to learn how to drift one with the rear of the car? In this post, we tell you all about it!

Basic concept: What is oversteering or skidding?

Oversteering or skidding is when the vehicle is making a curve or a turn, the rear tires don’t follow the same trajectory as the front ones, which produces greater movement of the rear, which results in a car skidding. This effect even leaves tire marks on the asphalt on some occasions due to high speeds!

How to make a car skid easily: 5 steps

To make a car skid there is an infallible formula, which needs precision and a lot of practice because it’s important to have the right size of the car, the perfect time to press the clutch, and even the entry speed to the curve.

Consider that to perform an oversteer you need enough space in which the car can skid so that you don’t cause damage or endanger your life.

Step 1: Enter the curve at a moderate speed

To enter the turn, you should choose a moderate speed at which you feel safe and in full control of your car. Entering at high speeds could cause an accident or failure in the skid attempt.

Step 2: Turn the steering wheel in the direction of the curve

Once inside the curve, it’s necessary to turn the throttle and steering wheel toward the apex of the curve in a single, well-directed movement.

Step 3: Press the clutch pedal inwards and outwards

It’s necessary to press the clutch pedal fully in and release it at the same speed in a single movement to give power to the car.

Step 4: Depress the clutch again if the car loses power

In case you feel the car is losing power, you can push the clutch pedal back in to add power (but remember that it’s a matter of practice).

Step 5: Release the steering wheel and clutch to straighten the car out

Once you have made the turn, you need to make sure that the clutch pedal isn’t depressed and release the steering angle with rear-wheel drive, so that the car resumes its path and straightens up.

Tips on how to skid a car

Worn tires

It’s important to take into account the level of wear of the tires since new tires will prevent the car from skidding, therefore, the best is medium wear that allows skidding, besides, you must consider that in a skid there is wear on the front and rear wheels.

Manual shifting of the car

You have to take into account that you need a manual car to make a good skid and also consider that not all automatic cars are suitable to make an oversteer because not having a clutch everything depends on special functions that certain cars have that allow them to make a successful skid.

Rear-wheel drive car

Rear-wheel drive is a technology adapted especially for sports model cars, since the engine power slide is sent to the rear axle, instead of the front as in front-wheel drive. 

We can say that the biggest advantage of this type of technology is that the grip is much greater when the weight is distributed, making it more balanced.

The biggest disadvantage of the traction placed on the rear wheels is that it isn’t easy to regain stability control of the vehicle, since traction is lost when driving in adverse conditions such as rain, snow, or dirt on the pavement.

Some more advantages of rear-wheel drive are:

  • You’ll be able to enjoy practically sporty driving.
  • A car with rear-wheel drive is the option in case of carrying cargo.
  • The turning diameter of the car at the moment of a skid is smaller.
  • Less power steering is needed.
  • There is less stress on the tires due to the way resistance is distributed.

Some more disadvantages of rear-wheel drive:

  • They tend to be more expensive.
  • These models are intended for more technical drivers.
  • The transmission takes space away from the interior of the vehicle.
  • You’ll need practice and driving techniques to get it right.

As always, we must remind you to be careful and don’t try tricks without previous practice… you’re not Schumacher! 😉




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