Find out more about the Dahlia bites piercing and its process.

Piercings are those incisions in the body where jewelry is inserted, this practice has been performed since ancient times of mankind, and most of the time, these body piercings have been for issues such as religion, culture, self-expression, and aesthetics.

It has been, in the same way, a taboo for several societies and has even become an impediment to different activities such as seeking employment or performing it for some institutions, offices, or places of worship.

However, over time, more places and societies have managed to accept the use of piercings without any discrimination, so now we could say that they are part of the aesthetics and everyday life of people.

Here we will explain a particular piercing and the care needed throughout the healing process of the Dahlia bites piercing.

What is Dahlia’s piercing?

This type of piercing is a double facial piercing, meaning that it’s done in each side of the mouth or near the area. This type of piercing is also known as “Dahlia bites” since they can be placed in the corners of the lips.

But this type of piercing has another reason for the name its origins are much more “dark”, Dahlia derives from the case of the macabre murders “Black Dahlia” in California by the characteristics of the cuts with which the victims were mutilated.

As you may have noticed, the Dahlia piercing has interesting origins, but the most striking part of the piercing is the aesthetic part, which we’ll tell you more about later.

The Joker smile

Another name for which the Dahlia piercing is known as the “Joker piercings” or “Joker bites” because of the piercing’s placement in the vicinity of the lips up to the ears.

This piercing resembles the scars of the famous villain of the comic book superhero: Batman, “The Joker”, hence the reason for the name, so that when the piercings are made in the lips it looks like the image of the famous character.

How to do the Dahlia Piercing?

Here we are going to show you the procedure to perform this lip piercing:

Steps to follow: Piercing Dahlia

Don’t forget that before any piercing process is performed, it’s essential that it’s done by a professional who has the necessary health requirements and certifications by the corresponding health departments that accredit it as a professional place.

Here are the steps of how the Dahlia piercing is performed:

  1. The exact area where the piercing is going to be performed will be disinfected, this is to avoid bacterial infections.
  2. Afterward, the incisions of the piercings will be made, on both sides, with a sterilized hollow piercing needle.
  3. Once the holes have been made, the selected attachments and jewelry will be inserted, and the selection process is completed.
  4. As part of the recovery, you’ll need to use warm water and cotton to clean the area.
  5. Remember that it can take up to 20 weeks to fully recover when the swelling and redness should go down completely.

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Risks with Dahlia Piercing

Here are some of the possible risks of getting the “Joker Smile” piercing:

  • Pain and bleeding may take weeks to subside.
  • Tenderness and swelling could affect your ability to smile, eat or speak.
  • Excessive salivation if a nerve in the mouth is damaged.
  • Possible gum erosion from wearing the tooth or jewelry.
  • Possible damage to the teeth from the jewelry due to improper placement.

Dahlia piercing: Pros/Cons, will you get it done?

As with any piercing process, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each piercing:


  • It’s a very aesthetic piercing that tends to look practically natural to the silhouette of the mouth because it lengthens it almost “naturally”.
  • The scars are usually small and over time disappear.


  • As it pierces the skin near the mouth, some risks if not doing it correctly could pierce the skin near the corners of the mouth and lips.
  • You’ll need to have a professional piercer who can place the piercing in the correct position to prevent it from being placed incorrectly and damaging a nerve in the mouth.
  • It tends to be one of the most expensive piercings because the person who performs it must have specialized knowledge about anatomy in general and piercings in particular.
  • The pain is usually constant due to the number of nerves in the mouth, in addition to possible abundant bleeding.
  • You will not be able to wear heavy jewelry because you could tear the tissue of the mouth.
  • During the first weeks, you should avoid consuming alcohol or smoking cigarettes because it affects the healing times.

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Piercing Aftercare and scars

In case you have decided to have this type of piercing you must follow the indications of your piercer, however, here are some precautions and care that can help you with your healing process and healing of your Dahlia Piercing

Use small cotton balls with warm water or hydrogen peroxide to clean the piercings and dry them with paper towels.

  • Use mouthwash, and try to avoid those containing alcohol.
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  • It’s recommended that you use neutral or antibacterial soaps to wash the area and avoid complications and infections.
  • Avoid contact of the piercings with items such as makeup, lotions, ointments, or creams, these can irritate the area.
  • You should regularly wash sheets and pillows.
  • It will be necessary to use a natural cleanser containing water with sea salt, this prevents infections.

In case the discomfort doesn’t subside, go to a doctor immediately, because, in case of infection, it could generate an even bigger problem and it won’t be completely healed.




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