13 Best Sustainable Fashion Brands you must know

We recently talked about Slow Fashion and how it had become one of the most important concepts for the fashion sector and as we said, the world is changing and clothing brands have to add to this change. More and more people have left fast fashion behind, and have chosen to consume brands that are truly sustainable with the environment and respect their workers.

If you are starting to be a conscious buyer and want to make the change but still do not know where to buy, we recommend that you continue reading this article because, in it, we are going to comment on the best sustainable fashion brands from around the world that you should undoubtedly know. 

What are the best sustainable fashion brands?

A sustainable fashion brand can be so for many reasons, it can be because it wants to minimize the carbon footprint, to apply more ethical processes, to use recycled materials, or to reduce its production. So next, we will show you some of the best sustainable fashion brands in which you can invest and contribute with your small actions to the change that the world needs. 


The first sustainable fashion brand we want to mention in this article is Amur. This is located in the center of New York and since its inception, it has become a cruelty-free, skin-free, and 100% sustainable brand. As they state through their website, “our core purpose will always be the same – being thoughtful of how we design, the materials we select and their impact on the environment”.

In addition to buying sustainable pieces, you can find garments with incredible colors, spectacular and very different designs, innovative shapes, and ultimately, garments that will make you feel incredibly good.


Another brand that you should know is Dôen. This was founded in 2015 by sisters Margaret and Katherin Kleveland. From this we can only say that you visit their website so that their vintage designs can teleport you to California, and as the founders affirm, “our line is inspired by our nostalgia from California of past decades”.

In addition to its designs, we obviously have to emphasize that Dôen is a sustainable brand that bases its commitment to the environment on national production. In those cases in which it is necessary to have to make products in the extracted, the brand ensures that the manufacturers work according to the philosophy of the Dôen and that therefore, they are not only respectful with the environment but also, be with your workers and work with fair factors in the labor aspect.

We cannot stop commenting that the Kleveland sisters not only want to offer great garments through Dôen, but that through their clothing brand they intend to offer an experience that goes beyond buying in a clothing store, they want women Those who choose your brand let their lifestyle lead to be able to connect with their clients and create an open community to foster relationships with all the inspiring people they will come across throughout their lives. 


The next brand we want to highlight is the Spanish brand Alohas. This one, stands out above all for creating one of the best shoes in all of Spain and is that each of the pieces that are manufactured is made under a responsible production model and exclusively made by artisans. In order to guarantee a sustainable production model, Alohas manufactures under advance orders. That is, they know that overproduction is one of the great problems of the fashion sector and one of the aspects that most affects the environment. For this reason, from Alohas they work a production on demand, thus they can guarantee that only those parts that have really been previously demanded by users are manufactured.

In addition to being sustainable, they know that nowadays a fashion brand has to go further and that is to buy, it is no longer just buying a product, but it goes much further. They consider that currently, buying a product implies embracing the values of the company and supporting them in some way. And this is precisely what they intend to do with their brand, they want to offer tools so that the purchasing habits of their consumers coincide with wanting a better world and being more sustainable. 

Gabriela Hearst

If you liked the previous brands that we have mentioned, you should also know the brand Gabriela Hearst. After working for a long time in design in the great city of New York, she decided to leave everything behind and launch her brand in the fall of 2015.

Through her brand, what Gabriela wanted was to create clothes that reflected her lifestyle, that is, that will reflect a rhythm and a slow creation process where details are very important, where tradition is present and where everything has a meaning. And that’s how Gabriela Hearts was born, a brand that creates unique, modern garments that are committed to the environment. Through this clothing brand, the great commitment that the founder has to the planet is transmitted, and therefore, each piece of clothing transmits her ethics and values.

In addition to all this, Hearst wants to tell her own life through her clothing brand and for this reason, all the garments tell a story that happened in Uruguay or New York, two of Gabriela Hearts’ favorite places. 

Olivia Rose The Label

The next brand you should know is Olive Rose The Label, and this is a brand founded in 2017 by Oliva Rose with the aim of offering women the best dresses for events and making any woman feel comfortable wearing her clothes.

Olive Rose The Label is characterized by being a British brand, independent and based on the concept of slow fashion. To achieve this, each item is not only completely designed by Olivia, but the entire production process is supervised by the founder of the brand herself. In addition, we cannot fail to emphasize either that all the items offered by the brand are created by hand in very limited quantities, that is, like Alohas, Olive Rose The Label manufactures the garments based on user demand. This means that there are never pre-manufactured items, and therefore there is no stock.

Through her brand, Olivia Rose wants to offer her clients a unique garment, where details matter a lot and everything is taken care of. As Oliva herself says through her website, the founder wants her clients to “think lots of lovely textured shirring, larger than life puffed sleeves, elegant squared necklines and ethereal waist-cinching bodices”. 


Gerbase was founded by Paula Gerbase born in Brazil but more from London than anyone else. In 2015, Gerbase launched its first unisex collection based on quality and anonymity and since then, its creations have grown.

Although it also sells clothing, Gerbase stands out above all for its jewelry. Specifically, Gerbase is a multidisciplinary brand that aims to convey a new vision of a fashion brand that stands out above all for creativity, for breaking the limits established until then, and for the constant exploration of new inspirations.

Each of the jewels that are manufactured at Gerbase is carefully studied so that through a simple compliment you can express everything you want. To achieve this, the brand relies on craftsmanship, exclusivity, and offering a new imperfect vision. Due to this more artisan character, the pieces that are designed are made by hand in London and in very limited quantities. 


As one of the best sustainable fashion brands, Ganni, defines their identity helping the planet. It is a family fashion brand born in Denmark and created by the couple Ditte Reffstrup and Nicolaj Reffstrup.

In its more than ten years of history, it has established itself as a brand that is committed to a responsible existence based on sustainability, gender equality and responsible consumption. They seek to be the most sustainable version of themselves, they say on their website. To achieve this, some annual objectives are set, which include a clothing rental system and the progressive increase in the use of organic and recycled fabrics.

For example, In 2019 they signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to solidify their commitment to reducing their plastic waste. Also, Ganni is trying to switch their three key fabrics to certified alternatives with organic cotton, recycled polyester, and lenzing ecovero viscose.


Athleta is a brand of women’s activewear. They make clothing that women are comfortable to be active in through both the fit and style of the garments as well as their empowering message: “The Power of She”. It was founded in 1998 in Petaluma.

The promises of the brand are reflected in their products, message and choice of models. Athleta began as a catalog brand that used models which were reflective of all ages, ethnicities, and body types. This inclusiveness helps to encourage a wide variety of women to get active: “We inspire her to keep living this full, healthy, active, rich life, no matter what her body type is, no matter her age,” says Nancy Green.

They not only care about women, but also about the planet. Therefore, the athletic and athleisure brand is all about empowering women and helping the planet. Sixty percent of their products are made with sustainable materials, such recycled polyester, organic cotton or Fair Trade Certified, and they’re working to bring that number up to 80%.

For example, the Athleta Studio Jogger is made from Tencel Modal, a fiber made from European beechwood trees from sustainable forests where 99% of the raw material comes from certified or controlled sources.


“Fewer, better things” is the motto behind Cuyana, one of the best sustainable fashion brands. Their goal is buying less, but investing in pieces that will go the distance and stand the test of time.
This brand is special because every piece is designed thoughtfully and intentionally (slow fashion), and this means don’t having in mind increasing mass consumption and waste.

So, everything is consciously made, thinking about the planet and caring about people, they even choose factories that are close to the raw materials to cut down on travel. They also partnered with thredUP in order to star the Lean Closet Program, encouraging the recycling of clothing.

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher considers every element of her brand, from fabrics to dyes to the production process to the people who make their clothes. They also take care of giving their clothes a second life, once a client is done with a piece, they can sell it back to the brand. Therefore, since 2009 they have taken back over 1.5 million pieces to be resold or remade into new designs. 


It is not a surprise that Columbia is one of the best sustainable fashion brands, since it is all about spending time in the great outdoors and breathing the nature of the world. This brand was born in 1937 andis a company that manufactures and distributes outerwear, sportswear, and footwear, as well as headgear, camping equipment, ski apparel, and outerwear accessories.

They focus on every aspect of the supply chain, especially the production process. That explains the innovation behind items like their Outdry Extreme Eco Jacket, which is made from 21 recycled water bottles, with trim — including labels, toggles, zipper pulls, thread and eyelets — that’s also made from 100% recycled content.

People tree

Since 1990’s, People Tree is the first fashion company to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organization production label, and is one of the original pioneers in the fair trade and sustainable fashion scene. They only use certified sustainable tencel and organic cotton, and their production process is carbon neutral. They sell a variety of basic tees, jeans, sweaters, and leggings.

The Landskein

The Landskein brand is a very good example of sustainability, their main value is caring about people and the planet. Every decision they make in the development of their brand has considered the impact on the people and the environment involved. Quality and sustainability are the main criterion in their purchasing decisions, cost has always been secondary.





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