World’s Best Vegetarian-friendly cities

World's Best Vegetarian-friendly cities

In recent years, society and especially young millennials and those who belong to Generation Z, are more aware of the impact of consuming food that comes from animal origin in the world and on the harm that this causes not only in the environment but also in animals.

As a result of this increased awareness, many people have decided to change their diet and opt for a vegetarian diet to reduce the consumption of these products. For all those who already eat a vegetarian diet or, on the contrary, the consumption of foods of animal origin is being reduced, we recommend that you continue reading this article to discover which are the best cities in the world for vegetarians.

Top 10 best Vegetarian-friendly cities

Currently and increasingly, there are more options for vegetarians and even vegans and therefore, below we want to comment on 10 of the best cities in the world for vegetarians.


The first city that we are going to include in this article is London and it is that, in addition to offering the largest number of local vegetarian and vegan restaurants, it has promoted numerous initiatives such as Meatless Monday or Veganuary.

For all the gastronomic offerings in supermarkets and restaurants that London offers, this city in the United Kingdom has become one of the best places for vegetarians and vegans.


Berlin is another of the best cities in the world for vegetarians and it is that this one, has a street known as La Calle Vegana, specifically it is Schivelbeiner Straße and it is full not only of restaurants and exclusive cafes for vegetarian and vegan people, but Also, you can find clothing stores that match the ideals of the people who choose to lead this lifestyle.

Like London, Berlin, in addition to offering numerous options for everyone, also carries out different initiatives, among which the well-known Veganes Sommerfest Berlin stands out. This celebration takes place in August and veganism is celebrated through music, games and fun.

Los Angeles

In the United States there are also numerous vegetarian-friendly cities and among them, Los Angeles stands out. Specifically, it is considered that Los Angeles is the refuge city for people who choose this type of diet in the United States and it is that in it, you can find multiple options of all kinds.


Returning to Europe we must also highlight the city of Amsterdam and it is considered that it is a great standard-bearer of vegan culture so that in its streets, you can find numerous options suitable for all tastes. You can also discover the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam!

New York

The Big Apple could not fail to be on this list as another of the most vegetarian-friendly cities and is that being such a large, cosmopolitan and advanced city, it offers some of the best options for vegans and vegetarians. In this way, in the city that never sleeps you can find some of the best restaurants, bakeries, ice cream parlors and of course, some of the best clothing stores.


The next city we want to include in this article is Rome, and this, in addition to being a spectacular city with many important monuments, is also one of the most important vegan cities in the world. Although it may seem surprising, many Italian cities offer a wide variety of alternative products to those of animal origin.


Surely the city of Portland is one of these places that may surprise you that they can be on this list as one of the best vegetarian cities, even so, in this city you can find a large number of both vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

Also, if you are a fan of vegan cheeses, you definitely have to visit Portland as it has become the most famous city for offering more than 20 types of vegan cheeses.


Prague is another of the cities that we wanted to include in this article and that is, in recent years it has been adapting to the new needs of users with the aim of offering great options to vegetarians and vegans.


If you want to go to India and specifically to Bombay, you don’t have to worry about anything and this city is home to the largest vegan community in the world. In addition to enjoying vegetarian products, you will enjoy a really very tasty meal thanks to its fresh and exotic products.

In India, you cannot miss the city of Chennai either, since many of its citizens have a diet without meat, so if you travel there you can really find many options.

Tel Aviv

The last city that we want to include in this article is Tel Aviv and it is that, over the years, it has established itself as another of the main cities in offering the best vegetarian options in the world.

In addition, with the aim of becoming a better city, you can find all its typical dishes adapted to vegetarian products that do not involve animal abuse.

By promoting a healthy lifestyle, our planet will thank us for it


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