Cannabis Legalization By Country: learn more about the most advanced laws

We recently explained everything you should know about the legalization of marijuana in the United States since each state has its own rules and its own restrictions. Now that you know how the legalization of cannabis has evolved in the US, we will explain in today’s post the situation of cannabis legalization by country and what you can do in each of them.

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10 countries where weed is legal

Now it is time to discover 10 countries where marijuana is completely legal or, if it is not, at least the law is very relaxed. 



The first place we want to mention in this article is Argentina, and in March 2017 the law that legalized the use of cannabis for medicinal use came into force. This law was finally ruled in 2020. The most important thing about this law is that a national program was created with the aim of offering medical marijuana and other derived products for free.

In addition to medicinal use, in Argentina, you will not be penalized by law for recreational possession of cannabis. Although this use remains illegal and there are several projects to legalize it. 



Australia is one of those places where the law is relaxed and in 2016 a law was passed that regulated and allowed the medical use of cannabis, always guaranteeing control. Since then, work has been done on various projects to speed up access to cannabis always used for therapeutic purposes.

We say that the law is more relaxed in Australia than in other countries because there are contradictions in the law itself. In 2019, another law was passed that allowed the recreational use of marijuana, although this type of marijuana use remains prohibited at the state level. 



We could say that Canada is one of the countries that have more advanced legislation since it has legalized recreational marijuana. Specifically, marijuana was fully legalized on October 17, 2018.

In addition, growers can obtain a legal license provided by the federal government, and then the provinces can determine how the product will be distributed and sold. 



If Canada is one of the most breakthrough countries, we could say that Colombia is one of the places that has suffered the most from the consequences of the illegalization of drugs. Therefore, it has had to fight a lot against drug trafficking.

To put an end to the illegal sale, a law was proposed in 2017 that aimed to regulate the use of medical cannabis. This law also establishes the monitoring and control of activities related to cultivation.

In addition, to continue to control drug trafficking, the legal position for personal consumption of up to 22 grams is allowed. 


The Netherlands

If we talk about the Netherlands, surely the place where you can consume marijuana with total freedom comes to mind, despite the fact that this is not technically the case. You can smoke marijuana as long as it is done in the well-known coffee shops and therefore, cannabis does not leave these shops and is consumed inside their premises.

Despite being the flag country for legalization, recreational consumption outside these places is still illegal. What has been decriminalized is the cultivation of up to five plants.



If before we said that Canada is one of the most liberal countries, we cannot forget that Uruguay is the country that joins this advance. In 2013, Uruguay became the first place in the world to legalize the cultivation, commercialization, and use of cannabis both medicinally and recreationally, since age 18. To achieve control, a state body was created that is responsible for controlling the entire chain of production and consumption. 



Italy is another country that has a series of different regulations regarding marijuana. The sale and cultivation are totally prohibited, possession in small quantities can also pose a series of problems although of lesser impact.

Despite this, since 2013 Italy established a law creating a body to authorize the medicinal use of marijuana. Specifically, cannabis can be provided in pharmacies to those people who have a medical prescription.

As a result, Italy began to grow its own marijuana on land owned by the army. Since then, Italy has become a major producer of cannabis. 


To finish this article we have to talk about Mexico. Here, cannabis for medicinal use is legal and even the health ministry became the competent authority to regulate the production of cannabis medicines.

Since this was approved in 2017, other projects have been promoted that also aim to regulate personal and recreational consumption. At the moment, personal and private use in small quantities has been decriminalized and this means that you would not do jail time.

These are the main countries with progressive cannabis laws. As we always say, if you are about to travel abroad, check out the marijuana situation to avoid having a rough time.




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