Dotwork is a tattoo trend to keep an eye on if you are thinking of getting a new ink. In recent years, this style has seen a revival, mainly because dotwork tattoos are combined with other tattoo trends. Unique and artistic, they are a style worth considering for your next tattoo.

What is the Dotwork Tattoo Style?

Dotwork is a tattooing technique where the artist tattoos multiple dots to create a striking visual effect. These dots either form the entire image or just the shading. Dotwork used for shading is known as stippling. This technique uses black ink, gray ink, or sometimes red ink.

Dotwork tattoo Style technique

Dotwork is a time-consuming technique, but well worth the wait. Each dot must be placed precisely, so the artist must be both very skilled and patient. 

It isn’t uncommon for tattoo artists working with dotwork to abandon conventional tattoo machines in favor of the hand-stitched technique. 

Hand-engraved tattoos take longer, but some artists find that it allows them to place more precise dots!

Hand-stitched tattooing technique vs. coil tattoo machines

Hand tattooing (stick and poke) has gained popularity in recent years, but it’s anything but new. The technique dated back to some of the oldest tattoos and was used by Polynesian tribes and the ancient Egyptians, as it was used to create a unique religious or spiritual tattoos.

Discover the true meaning of Japanese Yakuza Tattoos!

Until recently, a certain negative stigma was attached to the hand-stitching technique. When machines became mainstream, hand-stitched tattoos were generally considered homemade or prison tattoos. However, in the hands of a professional tattoo artist, the hand-poked tattoo technique can be used to create highly detailed tattoos!

Examples of the Dotwork tattoo style

Although we can consider pointillism as a technique, the truth is that many of these tattoos have their style and are different from the rest. Next, we will explain and show you some of the most important dotwork tattoo designs 😉

Pointillism Mandalas

Dotwork Tattoo Style: check out these awesome designs.

This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when we think of this tattooing technique. The original mandalas’ geometric designs made on wood and filled with fine colored sand or mosaics, gave way to mandalas colored on paper; and later this design began to be permanently tattooed on the skin. 

To imitate the texture of sand and mosaics, the dotwork technique has emerged as the best. It’s a way of capturing pointillism flower designs and of carrying a traditional symbol with deep meaning on the skin.

Geometric Pointillism tattoos

Geometric tattoos also draw on the pointillist technique to create their designs. Designs inspired by sacred geometry and using small dots to give volume and shading to their designs.

Pointillism animal tattoos

Some of the most tattooed motifs with this technique are animal tattoos, especially cat tattoos in pointillism and fish tattoos in pointillism. An original and different way to show off these animals permanently on your skin.





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