Elden Ring Review: discover why you have to play this game.

If we recently did a review of pokemon legends, stick around because you’re going to love this review of Elden Ring: It doesn’t meet Elden Ring’s expectations at all; it far exceeds them! 

A gigantic visual treat

Let’s not overlook the elephant in the room. The world of the Elden Ring is colossal, plain, and simple. The pampering and personality that each area of the Midlands exudes are evident at every step, from the opening bars in Necrolimbo. The regions we visit show signs of the lords that rule them, contain their creatures adapted to the environment, and visually are a delight.

Virtually every new landscape we visit imposes a lot and to show the mythical plane to the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The drawing distance is enormous and a single glance scares us by the number of hours that promises that we’ll get lost on the map of this video game. And although there is a path that you can easily follow thanks to the Grace that guides you, the truth is that it will be practically impossible to fulfill an objective.

This is because you’ll go straight to the castle that is in the middle of the lake of Liurnia and surely end up going to that mysterious cave at the foot of a cliff. You’ll reach the devastated lands of Caelid and you’ll see that getting the item in that camp will be a risk you don’t want to take with crows and giant dogs trying to annihilate you. But you’ll keep trying because the reward is much greater! 

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The magnificent Golden Tree of Elden Ring crowns the game’s sky throughout the game and is visible from any point where we are in turn, other smaller trees, but equally gigantic, populate the landscapes. There we will find encounters against final bosses, new creatures, or golden seeds with which to increase the potential of our vials. 

The castles are usually heavily fortified, making it a chimera to try to assault them from the front, so taking a detour will always be the best option. 

There are also subway grottos that have easy-to-follow instructions: enter, activate a lever at the end of the dungeon, and go through the door to face the secondary boss. In between, we will be assaulted by gargoyles, guillotines, traps on the ground, or flamethrower columns. A good arsenal of welcome, right? 

A leitmotif that jumps out is that Elden Ring is the brightest game FromSoftware has ever made. We are talking about a place that has seen how war and greed have ended up tearing down what was once a splendid place, but even so, it still retains its vintage look. 


Every single corner we see upon arrival can be visited, there are dozens of corners to turn, buildings to explore, and sewers to visit. Because yes, Elden Ring can also be played from underground.


In short, Elden Ring looks great and has its own identity because the game’s art is imperial. We’re not at the technical forefront of the industry, but the game still looks very, very good and it helps that it’s created with a lot of detail. The choice of tones for the colors is spot on and supports that feeling of being in front of something that was once beautiful.

The Story

Many play FromSoftware’s titles only for the challenge and the overcoming every rival that is put in front of them. However, those who want their fair share of the story will also find it in Elden Ring. Going to the simplest synopsis, we find ourselves in the Midlands, a place divided into several kingdoms that are ruled by the Lord of the Elden Ring. After a series of conflicts, this power was divided among different descendants of Queen Márika, who now claim their place.


Now, the Lightless rise by the power of Grace to claim their place as the new lord of the Circle, so you’ll find many like you with the same goal. This is possibly the Japanese studio’s work with the most characters per square meter: each of them has something to tell us, a request to make, and a clear purpose for the Midlands.


The game is directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin collaborated with the story.

You decide your way!


Another one of the juiciest tenderloins in the Elden Ring. To be frank, the amount of blows, clubs, and swords you’ll get is going to become the bread and butter of the game. It’s classic FromSoftware games to make us suffer to no end, but we all know what we’re here for, so less complaining and roll up your sleeves for battle! 😉

In Elden Ring everything flows great, it’s as smooth as you want it to be. It’s a real joy to move between cliffs, rooftops, and any surface either on foot or on the back of Torrentera, our faithful steed. We can summon him at any time with the push of a button and the transition for him to appear is delightful. With him, we can reach new areas thanks to his double jump or propelling himself through strong air currents that raise him dozens of meters.

This doesn’t mean that we are one-armed on our own. The big addition to the gameplay for Elden Ring is the ability to jump, which is useful both in and out of combat. 

Yes, in previous games we could make a kind of running jump, but it wasn’t the most effective and wasn’t intended to work that way. Here it does and that’s why the structure and the way you move around the stage are completely radical. 

Be warned, this doesn’t get rid of the excellent level design. A great scenario like this is full of monsters, objects to collect, mechanisms to activate, and a  challenging boss at the end of the road. We can simply choose the path to get to the same point. Because far from what might seem exactly with comparisons to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, here you cannot directly climb the wall to do whatever you want.

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In Elden Ring, you’re presented with options on the table and the freedom lies in your ability to decide which one to take. The game’s difficulty is also an organic way of increasing or decreasing the difficulty since you’ll only face those barricades, catapults, and platoons because you feel like it. 

What’s more, there are situations where you won’t even be able to choose, because you’ll open a chest with a trap and you’ll be thrown to the other side of the map without warning. Hundreds of anecdotes are created in this process and we will see thousands of clips appear over the next few years as a result.

And there are moments of pure Dark Souls, of genius that only Miyazaki can come up with and that leaves a stamp on the house. Go riding quietly and you throw a giant arrow hundreds of meters away, the classic enemies stationed just around the corner or situations that make no sense at all. It’s Miyazaki completely and utterly unleashed.

You’ll be constantly surprised by the world’s design!

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Elden Ring is an undisputed masterpiece. FromSoftware has raised the bar so high for what they can do when they let their imagination run wild, that it’s very hard to imagine how the next game they make can be any better. It seems that the only avenue that still has room for innovation is the mechanics, deeply rooted in the studio’s idiosyncrasies.

It will take you dozens of hours to complete everything Elden Ring has to offer. The amount of content is enormous and will keep you entertained for several weeks. The depth of the Midlands seems to have no end and there will always be a new corner to visit that you had missed.

Artistically we are talking about a beautiful title, which manages to provide a visual richness to its world that most games envy. Its story traps us and makes us take different decisions increasing the playability and role-playing capacity. 

Elden Ring becomes a must for your shelf and no Souls game fan can miss such a gem! 😉





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