How to grow marijuana: A quick guide for beginners!

Growing your own marijuana plants does not have to be difficult, although if you want to have good results, you must take into account a series of steps and recommendations. So now that we know everything about Legalization in the US marijuana, we are going to make this article the perfect guide so that you can grow marijuana yourself and do it perfectly.

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Marijuana can be grown in two very clear ways, outdoors where our plants will photosynthesize with sunlight and indoors under lamps where it will receive light from special bulbs for growing marijuana. We will explain how to grow marijuana in either of these two media since the only difference is that outdoors they will begin to bloom on a certain date when the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer and indoors we will be the one to change the hours. The light so that you have the longest nights and begin to bloom.

We will tell you how to grow marijuana in common, in the two ways of growing we will do the same, the same steps that are the following.

Steps to grow marijuana

As we said, we are going to make a step-by-step guide so that you can grow marijuana in just 10 very simple steps.

Step 1: Choosing the place to grow

The first step you should do to start growing is to choose the best place to grow it. It can be both an indoor and outdoor place, but the most important thing is to know very well the climate where it will be grown since, although cannabis is a plant that adapts very well to weather conditions, it is susceptible to extreme climates.

Step 2: Choose the most suitable light

Once you have selected the place where you are going to grow your own marijuana, you must choose the light. In truth, this second step will surely be determined by the place where you have placed it since it may be natural light or, on the contrary, you will need to have fluorescent lights that give light directly on the plant.

Step 3: Choose the culture medium

Like many other plants, it is necessary to choose the culture medium that we are going to carry out. Specifically, we can choose between growing our marijuana plant with a fertilized organic soil, with a mixture without soil or directly in water.

How to Grow Cannabis (Easy 10-Step Guide)

Step 4: Select nutrients suitable for cannabis

We do not stop saying that marijuana is a plant like any other, and it really is. To do this, you must also select the most suitable nutrients for your marijuana plant. Even though you have decided to grow with organic and fertilized soil, you will need to get more nutrients, and that these are suitable for cannabis. Marijuana plants feed much more than other plants, and therefore we must constantly add more nutrients to the soil.

Step 5: Buy your cannabis plants

Now that we have everything prepared, it will be time to buy or get the marijuana seeds. Today, in the United States, there are numerous dispensaries that will be able to advise you and offer you the best genetics.

If you have never grown any marijuana plant, you should know that the plant you should buy is female, so if you don’t know how to distinguish between a female or a male plant, you can always buy feminized seeds.

Step 6: Germinate the marijuana seeds

Now that we have everything, we can begin to germinate the marijuana seeds that you have bought. Although there are many methods, the easiest way to germinate the seeds is to place it directly in the pot and keep it moist.

Step 7: Vegetative stage

If you have done germination well, all that remains is to wait for the plant to start growing and therefore, the vegetative stage will begin. At this stage, the plant will only grow and become strong, so don’t expect flowers or buds to start to appear. At this time, it will be necessary to listen to the plant, and it is only recommended to add nutrients in full power if the plant needs more. You will be able to detect that the marijuana plant needs more nutrients if it begins to turn lime green and then yellow.

Step 8: Flowering Stage

Now that you’ve weathered the wait in the vegetative stage, let’s get to the flowering stage. In this, the plant will begin to produce the buds and therefore, this stage will last until the harvest can be carried out. It is recommended that during this process the schedule is changed from 12-12 light, that is, you must combine 12 hours of light with 12 hours of darkness.

Step 9: Harvesting the budsbud

The harvesting begins when new, white hairs stop coming out. At this time, the buds begin to have a fairly strong aroma, so we can identify that they are ready to be picked.

Still, as we said, it is better to wait at least until a large part of the white hairs have darkened. This change will really mark the beginning of the harvest. We could say that the hardest part of the whole cultivation is waiting for the right moment. To do it perfectly, you must be attentive to all the changes that occur in the plant.

Step 10: Dry and cure the marijuana

If you have already cut the buds, now it only remains to dry them and cure the marijuana to perfection to obtain the best results. By the time you have the buds cut, you should place them face down in a cool place.

What we just said will make the buds dry, but it will still be necessary to cure them so that they are soft. To do this, you must place them in tightly closed jars, in a cool and dark place.

How long does marijuana take to cure?

You can cure marijuana as much as you want. Remember that psychotropic compounds release a water molecule when properly healed and become more psychoactive. This will take at least 6 weeks if it heals under optimal conditions. The longer the cure, the smoother the result. Store your jars in a cool, dark place. THC breaks down into other cannabinoids when exposed to light for too long.

If you are not sure if the buds are ready, test your material when you think it is dry, and you will have a reference for the future. Dry grass does not always feel dry to the touch because of the waxes in the resin. You will quickly develop the ability to perceive the moisture in the buds.

Enjoying marijuana planted and cared for by yourself is not difficult. With a little patience and attention, you can get great results even in really tight spaces.

We hope this guide on how to grow your own marijuana step by step will be helpful.

Happy growing friends!




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