Best tips for retro cameras

Nostalgia is increasingly taking over us, it is common to see homages to the past in different aspects of the modern world, such as fashion runways, TV shows, music, and even interior design. So, it’s no wonder that this retro fashion that takes us back to yesterday manifests itself in the photography we see on our Instagram feed or in moments we want to capture forever.

Vintage photography with retro camera 

There’s something about vintage photography that makes the moment look more timeless, relatable, and real than with digital cameras. Before the 50s photos were black and white, sepia, or only with warm tones, this is one of the main differentiators, although there are a few more that will help you give that touch to make your photos look retro.

How to make your photos with a retro camera?

Trends always come back and this is evident in all the retro photos we can see in artists’ feeds, in fashion magazines, and even in art galleries, where we see photos imitating the vintage style. 


If you want to join this trend, and you don’t know exactly how to make your photos look more retro and chicer, don’t worry, today we have two easy ways to make your photos more retro.

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Simple retro photos in 3 steps

Step 1:  Black and white or sepia

Start by applying one of two filters, either black and white or sepia. This is a classic, we have always believed that one way to make a photo more special, to better capture the beauty of the moment, is to convert it to black and white or sepia. And there is a certain magic in a photo losing its color because when you see it, you can use your imagination a little more, and recreate the moment. So, it’s no surprise that this is one of the best tricks to make a photo look retro.

Second step: Highlights and Contrast

Keep in mind that before, the images had a little less contrast and light, so it’s good to play around with these until you get the tone you want for your photo.

Third step: Noise

Add noise to your photo, if you are not sure what these means don’t worry, here we explain it to you. In old photos we can perceive that the image is not as clear and defined as now, you can see a few black dots that are known as noise.

You can add a little grain to your photo, which is what gives the film camera effect, and you will instantly notice how your photo starts to look a little more retro. You can decide how much you want to add!

Make your color photos look retro

If you are more into colors and prefer your photo to be retro, but more retro after the 50s, don’t worry, we have other tips for you. Adjust your retro pics  as follows:

  1. Saturation; Vintage color photos had much less vibrant colors than today, so it is good to start lowering the saturation to take some light out of the colors.
  2. Brightness; Lower the brightness a little to where you think your photo is starting to look a little older and out of tone.
  3. Contrast; Reducing the contrast will help you give that lo-fi touch to your photo to achieve the perfect vintage look.
  4. Warmth; Increasing the warmth of your photos will give them a more vintage look, as in the past, warm tones were predominant in photos.
  5. Vignette; To give a more dramatic effect to your photo you can add the vignette filter, it will darken the edges of your image.
  6. Grain or noise; With this effect you will lower the image quality, and give any photo the sensation of being retro, since it applies the effect, of film cameras.

With either of these two techniques, you will turn your normal photo into a retro photo, giving more personality and timelessness to your memories.




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