All about Spyscape Museum

Have you ever dreamed of becoming the next 007? Then you’ll love visiting Spyscape, an original museum in New York where you can put your spy skills to the test.

Throughout several rooms, you’ll be immersed in a universe of secrets, lies and espionage, and you’ll have to carry out various challenges, such as crossing a tunnel of lasers or attending an interrogation.

Ready to start the mission? We tell you how to visit Spyscape, New York’s spy museum.

Spyscape, the museum of spies

Halfway between the hustle and bustle of Times Square and the tranquility of Central Park awaits Spyscape, one of New York’s newest attractions:

  • It’s a museum dedicated to espionage.
  • It’s a fully interactive experience: you’ll alternate between exhibits and challenges that will test your intuition and your skills as a secret agent.
  • To be able to complete all the tests and absorb all the information, we recommend you dedicate 2-3 hours.
  • Note that the exhibits are in English, but you can ask for the bracelet you’ll wear throughout the experience to be in Spanish or other languages.

Spyscape is very close to Times Square and attractions such as Madame Tussauds wax museum and The Ride bus. Or, if you prefer, you can also see a Broadway musical in the area.

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Prices and tickets to visit Spyscape

To visit the Spy Museum, it’s best to buy your ticket in advance and choose your day in advance.

Open every day of the week until 19:00 – 21:00, depending on the day. Check the updated opening hours on their website.

The Spyscape Museum has two different prices: a general admission ticket and an All-Access ticket which, in addition to the museum, includes a temporary exhibition (right now it’s 007, but it will be changing).

  • General admission. $39 per adult (about $42.5 including tax) and $32 per child 6-12 ($35 including tax).
  • All-Access admission. $52 per adult and $40 per child 6-12.
  • Children under 6 are free.

The step-by-step experience

As soon as you arrive at Spyscape, you’ll be fitted with an interactive bracelet that will help you to complete all the challenges and, at the end of the visit, discover what kind of spy you are.

In the lift, surrounded by luminous screens, an agent will give you instructions. In a matter of seconds, the doors will open, and you’ll enter a world of dim lights and dark glass. Your mission has begun!

Spyscape is an interactive museum: the aim of your visit, as well as learning about the history of espionage, is to train your skills and discover what kind of spy you are.

To do this, the museum is divided into several sections that combine informative exhibits and different challenges. 

In each area of the museum, in addition to the main tests, you’ll find some kind of towers with screens. Hold your wristband close to the tower and the screen will display a round of math problems, skill problems…

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Stopping to complete these side challenges is useful because the results are recorded on your wristband and combined with the results of the main tests.

With all this information (if you take risks or not, if you are fast, what your most outstanding skills are…), Spyscape draws up a profile. At the end of the visit, in the last room, a screen will tell you what kind of spy you are.

Hacker, undercover agent, cryptographer… Whatever your speciality, your senses will be more alert than ever after visiting Spyscape!




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