What is a weed grinder? We introduce you to the new Smoking® Paper grinders!.

How many times have you grinded marijuana by hand? Have you forgotten about the existence of grinders? In this post, we tell you all about weed grinders and introduce you to the new Smoking® Paper grinders! 

Why should we grind marijuana with a grinder?

The purpose of a marijuana grinder is to grind marijuana buds to a finer consistency so they can be rolled into a joint or put into a pipe. They are primarily used to enhance the smoking experience!

You may not need it to break up buds into smaller pieces, but using one allows you to use the flower more efficiently and makes joints and blunts burn more evenly. 

In addition to giving your marijuana an even consistency and allowing your joint to burn better, there are 3 advantages to why you should use it:

Save time, smoke sooner!

The first and most obvious advantage is that grinding your weed with a grinder is much faster than grinding it by hand. Even very sticky buds (which require a great deal of dedication to break up by hand) can be ground to the perfect consistency for rolling in minutes. 

Slower burning

Unlike hand-ground weed, flower processed through a grinder is fine and consistent, which often allows for easier and tighter rolling. Because the marijuana can be packed more tightly, a much slower burn also tends to occur.

😉Speaking of slow-burning, find out why our papers are slow-burning.

Maintaining flower power

For many people, this is the most important thing. Much of the potency of cannabis is due to trichomes, the small hair-like structures that give fresh flowers that leafy aesthetic.

Unfortunately, trichomes are delicate and can stick to fingers when crumbling the flower by hand. Using a grinder can help keep the trichomes on the flower and not on your fingers.

Types of grinders

As you may have seen in smoke stores, there are a wide variety of grinders. To better understand how each of these works, we take an in-depth look at the different types of weed grinders available.

Metal grinders

Stainless steel grinders are some of the most efficient available, especially among manual models. They have very strong metal sharp teeth that can easily tear through even the thickest buds, and they are easy to turn. Metal ones are also extremely durable.

Electric grinder

If you get tired of manually grinding your weed and are looking for a consistent and reliable way to get perfectly ground weed every time, then you can invest in an electric model. While these ones come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they tend to look a lot like stick grinders.

Acrylic grinder

As the name suggests, are made of acrylic. They are probably the cheapest option you can find in smoke stores and usually come in 2-part or 3-part models, the latter with a kief catcher. Since their teeth are made of plastic, they quickly lose their sharpness, which makes it difficult for them to cut your buds…

Wooden models

Wooden grinders usually consist of two pieces: a lid and a grinder, which usually has metal teeth that look like nails. Again, these teeth are not very sharp and often have difficulty cutting thick, dense nuggets.

2 piece grinders

These are the most basic models available, with only a lid and a grinding compartment. Although these grinders don’t have a compartment to collect the kief, they are noticeably smaller and more compact than the 3- or 4-piece ones, which can make them attractive for use on the go.


The 3-piece models have an extra compartment designed to collect the herb once it has been ground fine enough to pass through the small holes in the center compartment. 

4-pieces grinder

Of all the manual options on this list, the 4-piece models are probably the best. They feature a compartment to collect the ground buds, as well as a bottom chamber covered with a fine sieve to collect the kief or pollen.

How to use a grinder: step by step

To use a common four-piece model:

  1. Place the buds in the teeth part, between the top and the grinder section; avoid the center, as this is where the magnet rotates, and leave out the seeds and stems.
  2. Grind the buds with about 10 rotations until all the bud has fallen through the holes in the storage chamber; there will be some resistance at first, and then it will rotate smoothly.
  3. Unscrew the main section and storage chamber to get your ground cannabis, then use it to roll it.

Which one is best?

Finding the ultimate herb grinder depends largely on the particular features you’re looking for. Some people prefer uncomplicated models, while others opt for devices that provide the most purified powder possible. 

The new Smoking Paper Grinders

And without a doubt, one of the best options that won’t let you down are the metal models Smoking Paper has for you! 

4-part grinders!  

The 4-part types are the most complete! They have a part to grind, another part where the grinded marijuana falls, and the last one, where the pollinator is located (where the residues fall, yes, you guessed it). Fantastic, isn’t it? 

Well, meet Smoking Paper’s new 4-part, metal grinders! The designs are also a blast 😉

Good Time For Smoking😉

What is a weed grinder? Blue model Good Time For Grinder.

Smoking Fire models

What is a weed grinder? Blue model Smoking Fire Grinder.
What is a weed grinder? Model Mental Vacation.

Let Me Grind You

What is a weed grinder? Black Let Me Grind You.

Mental Vacation

What is a weed grinder? Model Mental Vacation.

And you, which one did you like the most?




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