Learn all about bridge piercings, types and jewelry care

The types of piercing that you can find today are very varied, which is why you’re sure to find the one you like the most and think is ideal for your style, being the latest and most popular bridge piercing. Have you heard of this?

If you want to know what it’s because you are a fan of piercing and the more you have, the better, then don’t miss the following information. We’ll explain in detail what this type of piercing is, as well as show you how to take care of it. So you can show off a delicate piece that suits your style.

What is bridge piercing?

This piercing also known as a bridge piercing is, as the last name suggests, a piercing that is done between the eyebrows. Although it’s between the eyebrows, it falls into the category of nose piercings, because it’s located horizontally across the bridge of your nose.

A curious fact that could help you decide whether to get it or not, is that it’s becoming very popular on the catwalks and in magazines because aesthetically it looks very nice enhancing the look.

Types of bridge piercing

Are you already wondering what kind of bridge piercing there is? If you’re seriously considering whether to get one of these eye-catching earrings, then you should know that there are two types: the so-called horizontal bridge piercing and the vertical bridge piercing.

If you’re wondering what the difference is, well, it simply lies in the direction and placement of the earring between your eyebrows.

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Does it hurt to get a bridge piercing?

Before going on to mention if this piercing hurts or not, you should know something. If you want this to last for many years and that the investment is worth it, it’s key that whoever makes the piercing grab enough flesh (although it sounds crude, so it is) since only then you’ll avoid your body ends up rejecting it and thus expelling it.

And although what we just said about “grabbing a lot of flesh” sounds like you’re going to the slaughterhouse, the opposite is true, because the bridge piercing, being a facial piercing, isn’t painful at all.

Of course, the first few days after deciding to add a touch more to your style you’ll feel discomfort, but as for the pain itself, it’s minimal.

Before we continue we would like to add something each person has a different pain threshold, so, for one it may have been a terrible experience, but for most, it isn’t. And the reason is that in this area of your body, you don’t have many nerve endings.

Bridge piercing care and healing process

Of course, good care will be the key to success with this type of piercing. If you want it to look the way you want it, it will be essential to follow the following recommendations:

  • Constant hygiene: this is the main care not only to avoid infection piercing bridge but also for all piercing you’re going to place. This also directly influences the healing and scarring process, so you have to consider that the healing time of this piercing can take up to 3 months. What you should do is with a clean face and apply the serum under pressure.
  • Don’t try anything before the time: the main temptation you’ll have is to want to change it or move it, mainly because you don’t like the ring they have put in. But you have to hold back, otherwise, it could heal badly or take longer than usual.
  • Your hair: try to keep your hair tied back at all times and your forehead dries to avoid a higher risk of infection.
  • No make-up: keep the bridge piercing area free of make-up to avoid infection.
  • Sleeping: Try to sleep on your back or side to avoid injury.

The idea is to avoid injury and poor healing so that the result is what you expect. As another extra piece of information, many people wonder if bridge piercing glasses apply to this piercing, which in other words means that you can wear glasses.

The answer is that you can, you just have to take into account that on the day you are going to do the piercing you should wear the glasses to see what will be the best position of the earring.

With all the info from today, in which you could know how the bridge piercing scars and what are the specific cares to get the best result, you’re ready to go for your new royalty 😉.





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