It is time to learn how to make cannabutter!

We recently talked about how to use cannabis tincture, and today we want to go far away… We want to explain to you how to make cannabutter! Stick around, because if you like butter, this one will drive you crazy (and fun)! 😉 

What is cannabutter?

Cannabutter is one of the easiest cannabis recipes to make at home. It has potent effects and can be used as a spread on bread, the easiest way, or to make cakes and pastries! 

Can you already imagine yourself with your little jar of special marijuana butter in the fridge, or do you think its effects will leave you unsatisfied?

Effects of Marijuana on Butter

The effects of weed butter are very high. When we consume marijuana we’ll always have a greater effect than when we smoke or vaporize it. This is because when we consume cannabis we get 100% of the THC and CBD. After all, we eat all the weed, but if we smoke, 60% of these cannabinoids evaporate in the combustion, so we only get 40% of the effect.

The effects we get depend on the strain of weed we use to make cannabis butter. If we use Indica varieties, the effects will be relaxing and even medicinal, while if we use more Sativa varieties we’ll have cerebral and stimulating effects.

Finally, the effects will also depend on the quantity and quality of the marijuana used to make the butter. If we use buds, the effects will be more potent than if we use resinous leaves. Also, if we use more quantities, we’ll have greater effects than if we add less marijuana.

It’s very important to be cautious when consuming food with marijuana, as we’ll start to notice the effects as soon as we have eaten and we’ll have them for about 8 hours. Therefore, if this is the first time you make cannabis butter, it’s a good idea to consume a small portion and wait to notice the effects so you can control the amount you need to consume to achieve the desired effects 😉 

In this way, you’ll have the perfect dose. It’s important not to overdose to avoid unwanted effects and the well-known “bad highs“. If you are looking for a more medicinal effect, we recommend the cannabis tincture recipe.

How to prepare Cannabutter?

Making homemade weed butter is not complicated and it can be used at any time and for an infinite number of culinary cannabis dishes.

Ingredients for Cannabutter

You need:

  • 0.5 L of a cup of water
  • 250 gr of regular butter with no added salt
  • 50 gr of resinous marijuana remains after trimming or 25 gr of good buds

Cannabutter Recipe

First, we will grind the remains or buds of marijuana. Then, we boil half a liter of water in a pan on the stove. When the water is boiling, add the cannabis remains and the butter! 

Stir well for about half an hour. It’s important to stir well so that the queen comes away from the remains or buds of marijuana and mixes with the butter and water. In addition, with the heat of the cooking, we’ll get the grass to complete its decarboxylation process, which is necessary for the THC and CBD to be activated and cause an effect when ingested.

After half an hour, turn off the heat and strain the mixture into a glass jar to eliminate the plant remains, which will no longer contain resin. Afterward, put the jar in the fridge for at least 6 hours to cool and set the butter.

Finally, simply take the weed butter out of the fridge and remove the excess water from it. Voila, now you know how to make marijuana butter!

Let’s hope that the marijuana butter recipe has helped you to make the perfect breakfast, so you can start your day off on the right note, and that you can use it to make cannabis desserts to surprise your friends with! 😉

Best recipes with cannabutter 

We present to you some of our best recipes to make with cannabis butter!

Chocolate pot

A delight for the palate and the senses. It’s a unique dessert with which you can surprise your friends. Discover the pleasures of marijuana chocolate!

Ingredients for the marijuana chocolate:

  • You will need 200 grams of chocolate in a tablet, the one you like the most. You can also use cocoa powder, the same that we use to make hot chocolate.
  • 15 grams of cannabutter 

Steps to make marijuana chocolate

  1. Break into chunks:

The first step is to chop the chocolate bar, either into ounces or smaller pieces. The idea is to make them small enough.

  1. Melt the chocolate:

Then we’ll heat the pan with water and place a saucepan or bowl over the water. In this container, we’ll put the chopped chocolate to make the bain-marie. The bain-marie consists of heating the water enough to transmit the heat to another container. In this way, the chocolate will melt little by little and we will prevent it from burning.

  1. Stir and Observe:

You’ll need to stir the chocolate constantly to prevent it from sticking and to get it to melt evenly.

You’ll notice that the chocolate starts to become viscous. As the minute’s pass and the heat increases, it will become more and more liquid.

  1. Add cannabutter :

When it has become completely liquid, we will mix it with 15 grams of cannabutter. Then, we’ll stir it for a long time to get it to mix well with the chocolate.

  1. To finish the marijuana chocolate:

When the mixture is homogeneous we’ll pour it over the mold and let it cool. When it has cooled a little, we can put it in the fridge for at least one day.

Your recipe is ready! Also, when you’re done, you can add coconut or fruit shavings, nuts, or fruit. Whatever you like! 

Marijuana cookies

One of the most elaborate recipes is Marijuana Cookies, a traditional American recipe. It is usually a dessert that everyone likes.

Ingredients for the marijuana cookies:

  • 170 g of weed butter
  • 400 g pastry flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 160 g sugar
  • 1 sachet of Royal baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla powder
  • Pinch of salt
  • 100 g chocolate chips

With all these ingredients prepared in our kitchen, the next step will be to get down to work to enjoy this delicacy! 

How to make marijuana cookies

  1. The first step is to heat the butter to melt it, but without boiling.
  2. Secondly, we’ll take a kitchen bowl and introduce the flour, salt, vanilla powder, and sugar to mix everything well. We’ll try to make it as homogeneous as possible.
  3. The next step will be to take another bowl where we will beat the eggs, add the liquid butter, and then the mixture that we have prepared in the other bowl. It’s important to mix everything well (with an electric mixer is great) until we get a homogeneous dough.
  4. Once we have it, we will add the chocolate chips and mix it all again very well. Then leave the bowl with the dough covered with a napkin or clean cloth for an hour.
  5. It won’t be long now! Now we’ll turn on the oven and leave it at 150 degrees to get it to temperature. In the meantime, we prepare the tray with baking paper or, failing that, just the tray greased with oil.
  6. Finally, what we will do will be to make the dough and give the form that we want to our cookies on the tray of the oven. Keep in mind that the cookies grow so you’ll have to leave enough space between them so that they stick to each other.
  7. Finally, we put the cookies in the oven for between 15 and 30 minutes. This will depend on different factors such as the size and thickness of the cookies, and the power of the oven… So, you’ll have to check them to take them out when they are golden brown on the outside.

Now we just need to let them cool and enjoy a good space snack!





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