Learn how to sober up from weed and avoid it with these tips!

Even if you are a cannabis enthusiast and you love listening to music when you’re high, surely, as it can happen to anyone, you have gone a little too far with the amount and it has given you the “paranoid effect”. You think, “well, I’m going to die, everything is fine”, so don’t get so preoccupied, it’s just about lowering the high with some tricks, we’ll tell you about them! 😉 

Best tricks to avoid a bad high and hangover

1. Don’t be scared

When you think, “Am I going to die?” Relax, don’t panic: you’re fine and everything is fine, repeat this to yourself whenever you feel this. The feelings will pass with the passage of a short time like minutes or hours, trust us!

Keep in mind that deaths from cannabis overdose have never been reported, so you won’t die from excessive consumption!

2. Stay hydrated and eat a snack

Drinking water is a good option when you have an excessive high! It can help you calm down after consuming too much cannabis.

And if your thoughts take a thousand turns, a glass of water will help you calm your dry mouth, and you’ll concentrate on the simple action of swallowing and sipping, a good trick!

If you feel very dizzy, some people also recommend eating something or drinking orange or other fruit juice.

3. Take ibuprofen

Some medications with anti-inflammatory effects have been shown to help control the marijuana high. It can be an effective solution, as numerous studies show that some of these types of medications can reduce the negative effects of cannabis! Try it and you’ll see!

4. Squeeze a lemon

If you have a lemon handy, squeeze it to release the aroma and then inhale the vibrations!

The critical terpene limonene has been shown to have the ability to reduce anxiety, that’s why it also works for the anxiety of cannabis highs, you’ll see that it works!

5. Take a deep breath and get comfortable

Sometimes all you need is comfortable, familiar surroundings and relaxation. If you feel like your heart is pumping too fast or you’re feeling anxious, we recommend that you lie down and take several slow and deep breaths. Don’t forget to remind yourself that everything is going to be alright!

6. Call a friend

Sometimes it’s normal not to be able to convince yourself that everything is going to be okay, that’s why calling a friend is always a good idea, just listen to him speak and the paranoia will pass faster.

7. Look for distractions, but easy ones

Go for a walk, for your favorite program or put on your Spotify music that you like the most. Do anything that can help take your mind off the cannabis-induced anxiety attack. Time will pass you more comfortably!

8. Take a shower or bath

Imagine feeling the water all over your body, it can turn all the evil of the high into something very relaxing! It’s a very good way to reduce the excess of THC. We recommend splashing cold water directly on your face, as it will make you feel calmer and lower your heart rate.

Next time try to control the amount of cannabis you have to consume! 😉  




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