Is pole dancing a sport? Check out

Far from the prejudices that associate it with clubs, pole dancing is a complete exercise that is becoming more and more popular!

Pole dancing is an increasingly widespread sport. It exercises practically all muscle groups, toning the skin and improving flexibility and strength in arms and legs!

What is pole dancing?

Pole dancing is thought to have its origins in a traditional Indian game from over 250 years ago, and also in the practice of yoga. It later evolved, and it was precisely one of its derivations that gave rise to popular cabaret and circus shows.

In the 1920s, in North America, circus performers performed their acrobatics on the wooden poles that supported the tents. From there, pole dancing moved to nightclubs, which made it enormously popular. As a result, people associate the sport with striptease shows.

However, yes, it’s a form of fitness and a sport in its own right that was introduced in the 1990s in England and is now even being considered to become an Olympic sport, by the International Olympic Committee!
Keep on reading to understand why pole dancing can reach the Olympic Games!

What it is used for as a sport?

Although pole dancing works the muscles of the arms and the whole body, they don’t develop excessively as happens, for example, with bodybuilding.

The barbell is a fun way to stay in shape, tone muscles, burn calories, increase flexibility, improve cardiovascular fitness and boost self-esteem. These are the main reasons why this sport is becoming so popular.

How it is practiced and where?

Pole dancing doesn’t require great equipment to be practiced. It’s enough to have a vertical bar suitable for this exercise and use the weight of our body to exercise on it in the air.

Thousands of gyms and schools around the world already offer pole dancing classes in this practice and many defend that it’s an exercise of acrobatics, strength, and gymnastic agility.

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What are its health benefits and advantages?

Pole dancing strengthens and tones the whole body. Especially the legs, arms, and buttocks, but also the back, shoulders, and neck. It also shapes the legs, firms the stomach, hardens the arms and back, and even strengthens joints such as ankles, and wrists… And it allows you to acquire great flexibility, agility, and coordination!

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t require special physical conditions to practice this type of exercise and injuries are rare. Quite the contrary: barbell exercise, in addition to improving our cardiovascular capacity, prevents and treats back pain.

But in addition to helping us get in shape, it also enhances other psychological aspects such as self-confidence, self-improvement, self-esteem, and a positive appreciation of our appearance and physical condition. It also combats stress and lifts our spirits.

The development of choreographies that include big jumps, pirouettes, and turns, helps to define and shape the figure, and enhance the muscles and the sense of rhythm, while we exploit other aspects such as autonomy and self-confidence.

For this, the feeling of disinhibition and fun that the majority of classes provide, playing with music and choreography, play a fundamental role!

Did you know about the Pole Dancing World Championships? Check out this video of the Atlantic Pole Champion, Ashley Fox:




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