Discover the new Smoking® Paper cool rolling trays.

Did you know that since the beginning of the 20th century, great designers and artists have contributed to the creation of Smoking® Paper? You can notice it in some of the artistic and advertising trends that have marked our style! In today’s post, we want to show you our cool rolling trays! You will love their new design!

Our coolest rolling trays!

Our high-quality rolling trays will allow you to prepare your own cigars easily, and with style. Its raised edges prevent your rolling papers, marijuana, or tobacco, to fall and the flat surface is useful to roll your own joint or cigar.

These are our new rolling trays:

The Creation Of Adam

The Creation of Adam is one of the most recognized works of the painter Miguel Ángel Buonarroti. The painting is in the vault of the Sistine Chapel and is a pictorial section of an entire ensemble inspired by the Old Testament book Genesis.

Michelangelo was an Italian painter, sculptor, and architect. He is known as the great figure of the Italian Renaissance. During his artistic career, which lasted approximately seventy years, Buonarroti developed in the same way in painting, sculpture, and architecture.

Due to the way the painter Michelangelo represented the Creation Of Man in his most recognized pictorial work, the work is considered to be one of the most representative of the Italian Renaissance.

At Smoking® Paper, we love the work of this great artist, that is why we present you one of our best rolling trays which represents the Creation Of Man. 

Our cool rolling trays: this design is inspired by the painting The Creation of man, by Michelangelo.

Bedroom in Arles

We all know Van Gogh, and this is one of his most popular paintings. From its bright colors and decorated walls, it appears to be a happy room. Full of small details, it looks like a pleasant stay, but it’s the opposite. Van Gogh painted “The Bedroom in Arles,” after having experienced one of the worst episodes of his madness. 

While it was one of his favorite paintings, it turned out to be a portrait of the destruction of his mind. What does the painting hide? What happened to Van Gogh? 

Van Gogh had just moved from Paris, a city that had been hard on him. He knew excesses, he rethought his art and suffered numerous love disappointments. On February 20, 1888, he fled to Arles, a small town where he sought to recover from the damage the city had done to him. 

What did he want to achieve? An inexpensive place to live and lots of light to paint.

But Van Gogh’s demons seemed to haunt him on all his travels. “I don’t find life here as advantageous as I had hoped, I have only done three studies, but at least it’s more than what I did in Paris,” he wrote to his brother Theo.

From Smoking, we are also a fan of this great artist, especially because of his stories and his life. That’s why we made our version of this painting, to offer you a great smoke accessory, our rolling tray:

Our cool rolling trays: inspired by Van Gogh’s painting "The Bedroom in Arles".

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

The Kiss (Der Kuss) was painted in 1908 by the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. This painting is one of the most famous of the painter. It was made in the “golden age” of his professional career.

At the beginning of the modern era, the concept of eroticism became very popular. The Kiss was framed at the beginning of these times. In addition, he used a diversity of techniques such as mosaics and frescoes. 

We could say it’s one of the best designs we have for our metal rolling trays. 

Our cool rolling trays: this one is based on The Kiss, by Gustav Klimt.

The Birth of Venus 

The painting The Birth of Venus, or La Nascita di Venere, by Sandro Botticelli, was painted between 1482 and 1485, in the historical context of the Renaissance. It’s the first canvas painting painted in Tuscania, Italy. 

The birth of Venus is part of the sensitivity of the Renaissance, a time when the representation of the myths of Classical Antiquity was renewed, in which the Renaissance found hidden truths about human nature. 

The truth is that the design had spectacular results. If you are an art lover and you like hippies, you are going to love it.

Smoking® Paper cool rolling trays: this one is inspired by The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli.

Pop Art Design

The works of Pop Art were characterized by reflecting all aspects of life and popular culture of the moment. It was a revolutionary artistic movement that expressed the reality of the time. 

It’s one of our favorites, because of its colors and everything it transmits about Pop culture.

And how about you? Which one of these rolling accessories do you like the most?

Smoking and Art

Smoking® Paper supports emerging artistic talents, which is why we give them visibility through the “Creators” section on our IG profiles.  If you want to join our community of creators, share your talent with the world.  Check out some of the illustrations we posted!

If you are an artist, do not wait any longer! Write to us at! You won’t regret it!

If you want to know more about this initiative, check out our post about Gen Z’s creativity and Smoking Creators!




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