The Black Alien Project: before and after transformation

There is something for everyone. In times of diversity and self-determination, the creation of characters such as Anthony Loffredo has been sweetened!

Who is The Black Alien?

Loffredo, who has undergone countless surgeries, is carrying out the ambitious project of modifying his physiognomy completely to be an alien, and transforming his body into a canvas to suit his purpose.

Born in France, he has been submitting his body to his artistic project called “The Black Alien” for more than 10 years.

Before the alien man

Anthony was an ordinary person, living with his mother and having a standard job, but he realized that he wasn’t happy. His head was spinning and he increasingly fantasized about transforming his body. So when he turned 24, she decided to turn his life upside down and began the transformation.

He dedicated his last years to becoming a xenomorph and moved to the city of Barcelona to turn to professionals to help him achieve this goal.

Since he began his transmutation, little has remained of Loffredo. Almost nothing, since the metamorphosis not only reaches the physical, but also his inner head.

The bodily modifications of the alien man

When a human being decides to change his physical appearance, or to get a tattoo or a piercing, he enters the field of body modification. They may be big or small, but they are alterations. Thanks to advances in technology, these mutations can be temporary.

Now, Loffreda may be controversial, there is no way of denying it, but if we go deep into it and look back, we will know that there are cultures that have defended this type of practice for years: without going any further, African and Asian cultures where some women, above all, have incorporated the use of large and heavy jewelry to lengthen some parts of their bodies.

Loffreda has been altering his physiognomy for seven years. He is driven by the desire to be more than just a human: he wants to be an alien.

What he did to make it happen:


He began by designing different drawings on his body that helped him to darken his skin and that, with their patterns, came close to what is possibly (because he has never seen one) the skin of an alien. But without a doubt, the most astonishing thing was the tattoo he got on his eyes: he decided to cover them in black, a very risky operation, in which he could have lost his sight.


This is undoubtedly the most revealing and crudest part of where the human mind can go: he started by cutting off his ears, had a “rhinotomy” (he cut off the tip of his nose) and split his tongue in two.

But he went to the extreme when he decided to cut off two fingers on each hand to turn them into claws. This last surgery was shared on his Instagram (@the_black_alien_project), and was widely repudiated by his followers who saw it as an offense to those born with a disability.


Finally, he has implants in his face and arms, as if they were deformations of the skin with which he managed to give his physiognomy a more intimidating appearance.

Loffreda or the “alien man” decided to go for more and has already announced that his next operation will be the amputation of one of his legs. Something that adds more controversy to the matter, since he declared that he wants to put on a robotic leg and thus get closer to his aesthetic goal.





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