Who are the best tattoo artists in the world?

Who are the best tattoo artists in the world?
We have talked about what the tattoo trends have been in 2020, the most original tattoos you can do with your best friend, and even the Greek mythology tattoos, but in none of these posts have we commented anything about tattoo artists. It is for this reason that in today’s article we will discover the best tattoo artists in the world because becoming one of the best is not easy.

Top 10 best tattoo artists in the world

To start this article, we want to make a top 10 of the best tattoo artists from around the world.

Bob Tyrrell

The first tattoo artist we want to highlight is Bob Tyrrell as he has possibly become a great reference of the realism style and also one of the best tattoo artists of today. Despite this, his style is not for everyone since it is characterized by making tattoos with perfect realism through blacks, grays, and many shades. You can discover all his designs at @bobtyrell!

Samurai Standoff

The next tattoo artist that we want to include on this list is Samurai Standoff. He is a Brazilian tattoo artist who, like Tyrell, stands out for making large, realistic works of a large size. He perfectly masters the technique and is capable of portraying anyone. He shares all his work in @samuraistandoff  

Roberto Carlos

The realistic style in tattoos is one of the most performed and the third tattoo artist that we include in this list is another great representation of it. Specifically, Roberto Carlos is an expert in surrealism style and works both in black and white and with colors. Thanks to the fusion of colors he creates great works of art. Discover more about this Cuban tattooer in his Instagram profile: @robertocarlosart_tattoo


Suflanda is another of the artists that we want to include in this top 10. She is a tattooist from Manchester who stands out above all for her pointillism tattoos with perfect details as each of the lines of her designs are perfectly made. Find out more here @suflanda.

Oscar Akermo

Oscar Akermo is another of the great artists who works with a realistic style. Unlike the other realistic style tattooists that we have mentioned above, Akermo stands out for making smaller black and white tattoos with a perfect realistic design. His designs are simple and complex at the same time and this is achieved thanks to the perfect work he does with the lights and shadows that he generates thanks to black and white. On his Instagram account @oscarkermo, he shares much of his work.

Silly Jane

If what you want is a sleeve-style tattoo, Silly Jane is the perfect ink master to do it as she is considered one of the best people to do manga illustrations. After realizing that architecture was not her great passion, she began to make her first drawings and later her first tattoos. Feel free to visit her Instagram account @ silly.jane

Jesse Rix

Jesse Rix is the perfect tattoo artist for all those people who, in addition to wanting a realistic design, want it in 3D and that is because Rix is the best tattoo artist in the world. If we were amazed by the 3D paintings, imagine those same drawings transferred to a tattoo. Through his Instagram account @jesse_rix, you can discover all his tattoo designs through images and videos.

Sam Barber

The next great tattooer that we want to highlight is Sam Barber, who is from England and stands out above all for also making surrealist style tattoos. Unlike other tattoo artists, Barber sticks out for including color in her tattoos and above all for creating a neon effect in many of her designs. Do not hesitate to visit her Instagram account @sambarbertattoo


The style of the following tattoo artist that we want to highlight is original from Korea, Seoeon. She is characterized by the detail that her designs have, although logically it could not be otherwise seeing the size of them. Check out her minimalistic tattoos in her Instagram account: @seoeontattoo

Martin Jahn

The last tattoo artist that we want to include in this top 10 is the artist Martin Jahn. This one once again specializes in surreal design and stands out above all for having a technical and dark style, which is why he has managed to establish a totally unique style. Furthermore, Martin Jahn belongs to the Euthanasia Crew, a group of multidisciplinary tutors who follow a trashy/badass vibe. Don’t miss his tattoo work at @_martinjahn!

Next, for you to know other tattoo artists, we will comment on some of the most famous tattooists in the USA and Europe.

The best tattoo artists in the USA

Paul Booth is considered one of the classics of the tattoo world and he has become a great reference for many young tattooists who are starting. He is a great artist of the black & grey, the gore, the horror, the sinister and twisted. The dark surrealism of Paul Booth still captivates the entire tattoo community.

The best tattoo artists in Europe

From Europe, we want to highlight the French artist Xoil. This one has become a precursor of the avant-garde style or avant-garde tattoos and is considered one of the best and most original tattoo artists nowadays since he mixes different styles to create his magnificent works.


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