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Most painful piercings

Most painful piercings. Different types of piercings.

Do you know someone who does not have a piercing? Surely, it will have been difficult for you to think of someone who does not have any piercings and it is that more and more men and women are getting more and more piercings in different areas of the body. In the ear, the lips, the nose … in almost any part of the body piercings are present and have become another accessory.

There are piercings that are very popular but they also hurt a lot, because let’s face it, piercings by nature are pain, let’s not forget that we are piercing the skin. It is for this reason that we are going to make the definitive ranking of the most painful piercings.

Most painful piercings ranking

Let’s make the ranking of the 10 most painful piercings, from less pain to more pain:

Ear lobes

The least painful and also the most common is the lobe piercing. In this area, no cartilage is found and this facilitates the piercing making it almost painless. Many people describe the pain as a sting.


Despite what many people may think, the navel piercing is in the second position of less pain since it must go through a very thin layer of skin. More than pain, what this type of piercing produces is discomfort.


Lip piercing is becoming more and more common and is considered quite painless. The pain of this piercing, you can experience it while it heals since it can cause swelling and pain.


The nose piercing is already beginning to be an area that hurts more compared to the 3 that we have discussed previously. This is because the piercing is done through the cartilage, an area that is harder than the skin and therefore produces more pain.


The eyebrow piercing was very popular for a long time. This also begins to be more painful since the eyebrow itself is a painful area with little skin. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the facial area has many nerve endings and therefore some nerves can be touched.


Tongue piercings hurt almost the same as eyebrow piercings, however, we place it lower on the list as the healing afterwards is much worse. The area becomes inflamed and it is difficult to eat and even talk.


This piercing is becoming more and more popular but it is also necessary to take into account that it hurts more than typical ear piercings since it goes through most of the internal cartilage than the ear, which means that it not only produces more discomfort but also pain.


Septums, for a long time, have been very popular and are one of those that causes the most controversy in terms of pain, since many consider that it does not hurt so much although there are predominant people who consider that it does hurt.


The nipple piercing is very popular in both men and women and its pain is quite considerable because it is a very sensitive area. Still, after going through pain and discomfort, it is a favorite tattoo for many people.


Finally, genital piercings are definitely the piercings that are becoming more and more fashionable but also the ones that hurt the most due to the sensitivity of the area that causes intense pain.


After knowing the most painful piercings we want to comment on the most painful piercings specifically of the ear and the body:

Ear piercings

ear piercings


The helix is ​​the piercing that is located in the upper part of the ear. It is more painful than daith, which we have discussed previously, since it crosses the cartilage and therefore bothers and generates more pain than others.


This piercing is not as well known or as popular as it goes through the small curve towards the top of the ear. It is a small piercing that does not cause a lot of pain but does cause discomfort.


The conch is one of the most painful because it is placed directly on the shell of the ear where the cartilage is slightly thicker and very little meat, so it goes directly through a much harder area where more pressure has to be applied .


Finally, we want to comment on the industrial piercing, this is one of the most painful of the ear since it crosses two parts and the two parts are cartilage because what is much more painful than those we have discussed previously.

Body piercings

Currently, there are dermal anchors piercings that are becoming increasingly popular because they are liked by many people due to their versatility since they can be placed on the chest, hands, cheeks, back … in short, in many parts of the body.

For this type of piercings, first a small hole is made under the skin and later, the base of the earring is placed. Most people consider it to be a type of piercing that hurts but is not the most painful.

After knowing all this information, have you already chosen where to get your next piercing?

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