The best of Bob Marley’s songs

The best of Bob Marley's songs. Bob Marley smiling.

Bob Marley is to reggae what Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, and The Beatles are to rock, and although their songs may not be your musical style, surely you have been singing and humming some of their songs, given that Marley, is considered one of the fathers of reggae music. It has been 39 years since […]

The Top 10 TikTok dances you should learn

The Top 10 TikTok dances you should learn. TikTok Logo.

We are sure you have noticed the popularity of TikTok and how all the popular TikTok dances are conquering the whole internet. Each day we see new TikTok dances to learn and more people downloading this new platform. In this article, we are gonna give you the essentials of this new social media, so if […]

Chrome Music Lab: create your own songs!

Chrome Music Lab: create your own songs. Chrome Music Lab tools.

All sectors of society have seen how technology has come to stay. Its main function is to improve and make more effective all the processes in each sector.Two clear examples are music and education. Any producer, musician, composer or teacher is aware of the importance of digital tools in the processes they develop. Chrome Music […]

Rolling Music Festival: how was the experience of an online music festival?

After experiencing the Rolling Music Festival online during three consecutive days /15, 16 and 17 September 2020) due to the excepcional situation we live in, we have seen that changing our habits and our way of consuming culture is not that difficult and there are still a lot of positive aspects about online culture consuming.  […]

Who were the winners of the MTV Video Music Awards 2020?


Despite the different complications caused by the current situation caused by Covid-19, the MTV Video Music Awards 2020 reinvented itself to be able to offer one of the biggest events of the year one more year.  Over the years, these awards have become a great show, becoming a benchmark event for the entire world of […]

The best movies soundtracks of all time

A good soundtrack is never forgotten, and it is that more and more, we listen to the soundtracks after seeing the movies because in the end, “it would be impossible to live without music”.  The music that composers prepare for both films and series, are ultimately works of art that can be the great differentiating […]

Best K-Pop groups: the most popular music bands

Best K-Pop groups: the most popular music bands

K-Pop is one of the most popular music genres of the moment. This new popular genre refers to South Korean pop and is a musical phenomenon that has been sweeping Asia since 2017, but since it does so internationally among young people from Latin America and Europe reaching all parts of the world.  The success […]

Virtual concerts and live streams to watch this year

Virtual concerts and live streams to watch this year from home

As a consequence of the situation experienced worldwide due to the coronavirus, more and more festivals, performances, concerts were cancelled… and in the face of this situation, many artists reinvented themselves to be able to adapt their work to the new normality.  Many artists were able to find a new way to connect with their […]

Rolling Music Festival

Rolling Music Festival live shows

Everyone has lived and now, we are living in an exceptional situation and for the good of all we have had to change our habits and our way of consuming culture. Music has become a great support resource during confinement. Concerts through Instagram, premieres of new songs, new collaborations… From Smoking, we know the importance […]