420 Day: why is it known as ‘Weed Day’?

Why is it known as 'Weed Day'?

Surely, and even if you don’t use marijuana, you’ve heard the 4/20 concept on numerous occasions. And that is because, for many years, it has become the term par excellence to refer to the experience and the moment of consuming marijuana. Recently, World Marijuana Day was celebrated and therefore, we want you to discover in this article all the curiosities about this day, also known as 420 day.

When is World Marijuana Day celebrated?

If you have already read our previous article about the meaning of the 420 code, surely you already know what the term 4/20 means. Even so, we want to remind you in this article what it means and what its origin is.

Although a large number of meanings are associated with this secret code, we can affirm that the most widespread is the one that refers to the time and day in which marijuana is consumed.

The rock band The Waldos are believed to be the true originators of this concept, as they used 420 to refer to weed, more than 45 years ago. Specifically, they were doing what many people have been doing for many years. They started meeting at 4:20 in the afternoon to smoke weed in front of the statue of Louis Pasteur in California.

After this history, the code got worldwide fame. The celebration has spread around the world and by consensus of consumers, it was decided that April 20, that is, 4/20, is the World Day of the Marijuana. Little by little and over the years, the movement began to transcend and become an international celebration for the legalization and defense of cannabis culture.

What is celebrated on April 20?

As we have mentioned, April 20 is World Marijuana Day, a counterculture holiday, and all the different movements that promote the legalization of this plant. Although the United States and Canada are considered the main sites where 4/20 is celebrated, more and more mobilizations are spreading to different countries around the world.

In recent years, Denver has become the epicenter of the 420-day party in the USA. Since, as we mentioned in our article on Weed cities in the US, Colorado was the first state to allow and legalize the sale of marijuana for enjoyment. This day is so important in this city that the was created Mile High 420 Festival. Unfortunately for many people, due to the pandemic produced by Covid-19, the event that brought together thousands of people had to be canceled.

What was previously considered a small gathering in Denver or San Francisco, the celebration of this day became a popular party that lasts 3 days in some places. And, of course, the aim is to promote the legislative debate on the legalization of marijuana.

In recent years, numerous groups of friends have come together to celebrate Weed Day with other marijuana smokers, to smoke a joint all together on 4/20 at 4:20 PM.

One of the most famous 420 celebrations in recent times was the demonstration known as Reschedule 420. In this, thousands of protesters carried a giant 50-foot joint toward the White House. On the joint was the phrase “Decriminalize marijuana now.”

Another of the most outstanding celebrations was the one that took place in 2017 when a group of activists decided to celebrate the party in a different way. They distributed approximately 1,000 joints to members of Congress and the press to end the criminalization of marijuana.

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